Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pray for the souls in Purgatory

The month of November is the month dedicated to the poor souls in Purgatory, most especially the ones who have passed away in the past year. But most of the November 1st issue of the fake Catholic Free Press, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, was about the Bishop issuing a pastoral letter on death and dying, because the number of church funerals are decreasing.

While the Bishop did mention that celebrating the life of a deceased person during the liturgy "is theologically inaccurate," he and his priests will most likely continue to use white vestments and sing "On Eagles Wings" during funerals, and refuse to offer the Requiem Mass that Catholics are entitled to. 

Just look at the four Boston Marathon terror-related victims, and most recently the teacher who was dumped in the woods. All five parties were Catholic, and were entitled to the Traditional Requiem Mass for their funerals. But the heretical Boston curia denied all five the Requiem Mass and instead forced the Novus Ordo on all of them. 

It is our hope, that today, All Souls Day, priests who will say a collective Requiem Mass for all the faithful departed will remember most especially the following five people:

Krystle Marie Campbell

Martin William Richard

Lingzi Lu

Police Officer Sean Collier

Colleen Ritzer

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