Monday, October 14, 2013

Priest gambles $230K from parish; placed in looney bin

Another sad story from the Diocese of Worcester. 

Fr. Stephen Gemme of Saint Bernadette Parish in Northborough was placed on administrative leave recently after it was learned that he took over $230,000 from the parish and its parochial grammar school and went on gambling. He was later sent to a medical facility for treatment, and was placed on medical leave. (News story here

I weep for the children who attend the parochial school because not only it is in danger of closing because all this money is missing, but to the fact that their parents paid all this money to send them to this school thinking that they their children would learn the Catholic faith. 

This is a Novus Ordo School. Don't expect children to learn the True Faith here. This assures that I will not be going to visit this parish, ever. 

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