Friday, October 11, 2013

Pope calls Synod, not Ecumenical Council

There has been some confusion again on the meeting of bishops that the Pope will have next year in regards to the topics of Marriage and Family. 

First of all to clarify, the this meeting of Bishops will be a synod, not an ecumenical council. This means that only certain bishops will be invited. If the Pope calls a council, then all of the world's bishops are to be invited. 

With the Pope calling this special synod on these two particular topics, then only these particular topics will be discussed in further detail. In all likelihood other topics will not be on the docket. 

While it is unknown at this time who will be going, to be for certain this meeting will generally impact how today's bishops treat faithful, solid orthodox Catholics who uphold the Church teachings on marriage today. 

For example, in practically all the dioceses in New England (and many places elsewhere), if you and your future spouse wish to marry in the Church at your typical diocesan parish, then the priest (or married deacon) will send you to a Pre-Cana class that is not orthodox and is taught by a "deacon couple" or fake lesbian nun who doesn't really care about the Church in general. Often times you will be sent on retreat with no choice but forced into attending the Novus Ordo Cookie service on Sunday morning. 

To make matters worse, they might have the unmarried couple sleep together with condoms, and will not condemn them cohabiting for the past x amount of years. The parish priest (or married deacon) at the local level will fail to inform the couple that because they slept together, doing so is an impediment to the Sacrament of Marriage. Is this why there are so many annulments today? 

Additionally, the parish priest will not care whether or not one of the parties is not Catholic, as he will perform the ceremony anyway not to offend anyone.

In terms of the liturgy itself, most couples will choose to have a ceremony and not a full Nuptial Mass because they have not gone to Mass in years, nor they will attend Mass on any regular basis in the future. They will not have their babies baptized as soon as mother and child leave the hospital. They will be on the Pill to prevent more children after number two or three. They will not force their kids to maintain the Catholic Faith. And finally, they will tell their kids that it's okay to be gay and limit the number of kids they could have. 

The old practice of Catholics marrying only Catholics needs to be enforced rigorously. And when I mean Catholic, I mean one who actually practices the Faith and believes in all dogmas of the Church as codified during the Council of Trent. This includes attending the Traditional Latin Mass and receiving the unaltered Sacraments. 

As a Catholic man who has been suffering for five and a half years now without a serious girlfriend, I have been experiencing the side effects that go with such absence. As I am aging by the day, I don't know if I will even see a Catholic girl marry me since most my age are already married with children. 

For the record, I am not priestly material. While there is a drastic shortage of priests and the Church needs vocations to the priesthood, vocations to marriage are the basis of our future, and I believe I am best suited to live in that role. 

The divorce, abortion, and contraceptive rates are at all-time highs, and it is mostly Novus Ordo Catholics who either have committed these sins or support them with enthusiasm. Our Lady of Fatima predicted this. We need to go back to traditional moral values now. Bishops and priests who refuse to preach against these intrinsic evils need to be removed from their posts immediately. 

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