Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Muslim poem" replaces Pledge on 9/11 at Mass. school

Today's post is a follow-up from last week's post on the Pledge of Allegiance being under attack in Massachusetts public schools. Now, I am very disturbed to hear that Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, a suburban school west of Boston, read the poem "My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears" by Mohja Kahf instead of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on September 11, 2013, the 12th anniversary of those horrible Terrorist Attacks. (An article about this can be read here

While the Principal did apologize regarding the incident, such action is gravely unacceptable on a day where over 3,000 Americans lost their lives at the hands of Al-Qaeda. 

As an American, I am really offended that something like this would happen in the public schools, institutions that are supported by our tax dollars. What would a non-Islamic student do about this when he or she is offended by hearing this and is denied the right to place her hand over heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to God and country? 

While this poem is about nonsense to begin with, it should have not been read aloud in this context. But unfortunately, I would not be surprised that such nonsense of a similar nature would be performed at a school run by the Archdiocese of Boston under the auspices of Cardinal Sean. 

Our Lady of America, pray for us. 

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