Thursday, August 22, 2013

Assumption School teacher resignations: the pastor is a product of diocesan favoritism

Those who live in the Diocese of Worcester know that the folks at the Chancery do not care about the Traditional Latin Mass and the accompanying rites that go with them. But now there is a scandal of misdeeds by a parish priest where 8 teachers resigned from the parochial school. 

Fr. Paul LaPalme, pastor of both Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Brigid parishes and the clerical supervisor of Assumption School in Millbury (a bordering town south of Worcester), was accused of torturing and hugging the eight teachers who eventually resigned, all of them lay women. The news broke last week in the fake Catholic Free Press, and has got regular newspaper attention. (Read this one

Assumption School first opened in 1925 and was staffed by the Assumptionist Sisters until they all died out after Vatican II. (Our Lady of the Assumption Parish was the French-Canadian national parish in Millbury, while St. Brigid's historically had English speaking parishioners.) Today, the school serves 190 students in grades Pre-K to 8 and costs $4,000 per child to attend. Now how can a good Catholic family afford to send multiples there at the same time? 

With this unprofessional behavior by Fr. LaPalme, letters of complaint were sent to Bishop Robert J. McManus, who never responded. This tells us all that Fr. LaPalme is a favorite of the Bishop and appears to be considered an untouchable, whereas, misdemeanors like this one will not be acted upon if the Bishop really "loves" them. 

As a parochial school operated by a diocesan parish, the Bishop is ultimately responsible for the school. As long as Bishop McManus is around, unacceptable behavior like this will still be tolerated.

Several parents have pulled their children from Assumption School because of this incident. If I were a parent, I would have never sent my children to this school to begin with because they do not practice Traditional Catholicism. 

Speaking of the Bishop, he has been absent from the diocese this week.

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