Monday, July 22, 2013

Hall of Shame; Boston Catholic school supt. resigns!

I am very happy to relay from the Boston Catholic Insider on the Feast of St. Mary Magdelene that Dr. Mary Grassa O'Neill, the Catholic Schools Superintendent and the grossly-highest-paid archdiocesan lay employee at $350k per year, has RESIGNED!!! ALLELUIA!!!

Also, the tenth anniversary of Cardinal Sean becoming Archbishop of Boston is on July 30th, and I would like to induct some people onto the 2013 RCAB Wall of Shame

As you can see, I have Dr. O'Neill covered with the word "Resigned!", something I added just now when I learned that she is stepping down. I hope to update this with other "resigned" or "fired" signs in the near future, as all of these people don't deserve to be working for Christ and His Church after destroying it locally in recent years. 

While Dr. O'Neill wanted to implement Common Core in the Catholic Schools, it is still quite possible a new superintendent could promote the same thing, especially if Cardinal Sean is doing the hiring. But in either case, a new superintendent should not make more than $100,000 per year. Ultimately, a new archbishop will be necessary in order to guarantee orthodoxy. 

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