Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Ecumenical Council???

Will there be or should another Ecumenical Council be called? My response right now is "no." I don't believe that calling another council is necessary because I believe pulling bishops from their dioceses for long-term periods will weaken the Church at this time. 

Bishops are supposed to be governing their own dioceses and not supposed to leave their dioceses without permission from the Holy See, according to the Council of Trent. Then you have the error of collegiality, where national bishops' conferences think that they are either above the Holy See (as the case with Dolanism) or an intermediary between the diocesan bishop and the Holy See. 

All that is necessary right now is that the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments be restored in every parish, and said by every priest, bishop, cardinal, and the Pope. If these traditions are universal as it where prior to Vatican II, then the Church would not have had the problems it occurs today. But until that happens, all we must do is pray. 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us!

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