Friday, June 28, 2013

SSPX Declaration on 25th anniversary of Episcopal consecrations

In the light of the recent revelations that Gay Roman priests have operated a prostitution ring in Rome, I have not been able to observe the 25th anniversary of the consecration of the SSPX Bishops on this blog. However, the three remaining Bishops Fellay, Tissier de Mallerais, and Galarreta have issued a statement regarding this, which can been read by clicking here

Please pray for these bishops in thanksgiving for their presence, as they are filling the gaps that are not being cared for by bishops and priests like the ones who are about to get arrested in Rome for crimes against nature. 

Also, please pray for the Canonization of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, for his actions are the reasons why the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments are being kept alive, albeit in treacherous waters. 

Lastly, you may have noticed that there is no longer an adult content warning before accessing the homepage to this blog. Blogger asked that I remove it or this blog would have been deleted. I still ask that children under 18 use caution while viewing this blog. -Chris 

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