Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Only four Faithful Catholics left in Houston"

Recently, the Archdiocese of Houston allowed a United Methodist ordination in one of their cathedrals, with the blessing of Cardinal DiNardo. After speaking with the auxiliary bishop on the phone, Michael Voris claims that he was told by the bishop that only four people called him to complain about this heretical event.

Up here in Boston, Cardinal Sean has allowed interfaith services in his cathedral several times, with the most recent being a memorial service for the Boston Marathon Bombing victims, where President Obama "preached" from the pulpit. (All the victims were Catholic and should have had Requiem Mass instead.) He has also allowed a Greek Orthodox funeral at a Catholic parish for a fallen firefighter because seating issues. 

But if Sean got a call from Bishop Fellay asking that he ordain validly priests for the SSPX in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, there is a 100% chance he would say "No." 

If there are "only four Faithful Catholics left in Houston" as Voris puts it, then how many Faithful Catholics left in Boston? 

While I have been praying and petitioning the Holy See for a new, traditionalist archbishop for Boston, I highly suggest that those four Catholics left in the Archdiocese of Houston petition Pope Francis to remove your Cardinal-Archbishop and appoint a new one. 

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