Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to fill out the Romney Marriage License

The official marriage license application of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
effective May 17, 2004, and ordered to be issued by all municipal clerks by Gov. Mitt Romney.
(Red marks by Mass Resistance)

I know it is very difficult for a Massachusetts Catholic (or anywhere where gay marriages are performed) to fill such a form out that is contrary to their beliefs. But because the state will not recognize your marital relationship without it, people of all faiths that reject gay marriage must fill one out. While I have never heard a priest preach on how fill such paperwork out publicly, I will give you step-by-step instructions on how betrothed Catholic  couples are to fill out the Romney Marriage License (in reparation of Gay Pride month):

  1. Place of Marriage: The municipality where your marriage will be celebrated. 
  2. Date of Marriage
  3. Full Name of "Party A": The Groom. Prior to 2004 this box/column dealt specifically of the vitals of the male party in the marriage. Please omit box 3a (Surname after Marriage) since men are prohibited by Canon Law to change their surnames without a good reason. 
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Occupation
  6. Residence: The place where you resided the night before the wedding. 
  7. Number of Marriage: A good Catholic would write "1st" in this box. In box 7a, writing "Widowed" is acceptable, but "Divorced" is not unless a legitimate annulment is granted. 
  8. Birthplace: The city or town and state or country only. 
  9. Name of "Mother/Parent": This means your biological mother, not your stepmother or grandmother. This license does not specify whether or not her maiden name should be affixed. 
  10. Name of "Father/Parent": This means your biological father, not your stepdad or grandpa. 
  11. Full Name of "Party B": The maiden name of the bride. Prior to 2004, this box/column dealt specifically with vitals of the female party in the marriage. You must affix your husband's surname exactly in box 11b, or you will be known as "Ms. Smith" and not "Mrs. Johnson." Canon Law prohibits the bride from using her maiden name after she marries. 
  12. Date of Birth
  13. Occupation
  14. Residence: This should not match for the bride or groom, or the marriage is canonically invalid. 
  15. Number of Marriage: A good Catholic girl would write "1st" in this box. In box 15a, writing "Widowed" prevents the nuptial blessing after the Pater Noster. Forget about the word "Divorced." 
  16. Birthplace
  17. Name of "Mother/Parent"
  18. Name of "Father/Parent"
  19. Intention of Marriage: The clerk will then administer the oath to "hereby certify that the above information is correct." (S)he will then sign this document, and you must bring this to rehearsal. 
  20. Solemnization: After the marriage service, the priest will sign this document stating that he married you two. (Note that Massachusetts doesn't require witnesses for a civil marriage, but the Catholic Church requires BOTH a male and female witness for the marriage to be valid. So he will generally have you sign ecclesiastical documents at this time as well.) Afterwards, he will begin the Nuptial Mass. 
  21. [For Clerk's use only]
  22. Party A Sex: "Male" must be checked-off.
  23. Party B Sex: "Female" must be checked-off. 
Please note that a marriage license in Massachusetts is good for 60 days from the day you file your intentions with the clerk (including a three-day waiting period). Once expired, you must reapply for a new one. 

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