Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free Press exposed: Vol 2., Issue 1: Little Martin's "memorial mass"

If you read Friday's "Catholic" Free Press, chances are you read this article on the "Memorial Mass" for 8-year-old Boston Marathon Bombing victim Martin Richard of Dorchester, held at St. Ann's Church in Neponset last Sunday, June 9th, the Third Sunday after Pentecost. 

The photo spoils it all: Fr. Sean O'Connor is sitting on the steps where the altar rail used to be, talking to children instead of saying Mass, which the article states "which is his usual custom."

When this service was covered on TV, no cameras were allowed in church, and this photo explains why this is blasphemy. (You can see the steps to the unused since 1970 high altar in the top of the photo, obstructed by the Novus Ordo Cookie table.) But local political dignitaries were shown entering the church for the service, as Martin was buried privately shortly after the terrorist attack. 

Serious questions must be answered: 
  • Where was Cardinal Sean in all of this? 
  • Does the Richard family actually believe in Church dogma? 
  • Does the Richard family (and Fr. O'Connor) know that Martin is in Purgatory because he received his First Holy Communion the day before he died, and therefore must receive a Requiem Mass in order to validate any cause for canonization? 
  • Why is St. Ann's one of several parishes that have maintained (or restored) their high altars and not being used for the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?
In either event, the photo in the above newspaper clipping is just one of a million reasons why that Cardinal Sean has corrupted the Archdiocese of Boston, and must be relieved of all episcopal duties. 

Ironically, All Saints Church in Ashmont, the Anglo-Catholic parish where my architect friend goes, actually mentioned on their website to pray for the repose of Martin's soul, and he wasn't a parishioner there. 

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