Thursday, May 30, 2013

What does "Catholic in good standing" mean?

I wish I could answer this boldly, but it seems like the politically-correct answer is the correct one.

According to the "American Patriotic Church" (which is not even patriotic to begin with), headed by Dolan, a "Catholic in good standing" generally means that you support abortion, contraception, fortification, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, etc., etc., etc

According to the Dolanists, orthodoxy is not allowed under any circumstances. 

The following Vortex by Michael Voris deals with this issue, but also indirectly mentions the Robert Spencer incident in the Diocese of Worcester:

Speaking of the Diocese of Worcester, most of their priests are gay, according to Paul Melanson of the La Salette Journey, for he was denied from applying to be a seminarian for Worcester by the drunken Bishop McManus because of his orthodoxy. The proof is in the pudding: hatred for the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments, traditional church architecture, God-pleasing vestments, and to a lesser degree for the devotional life a parish is supposed to have. 

But they celebrate sin as if it were no big deal, as it is evident in the above video and link to Paul's recent article. They celebrate social justice, including worshipping the new, $1.5 million SJ's Food for the Poor Center as an idol, a violation of the First Commandment. (The ribbon-cutting ceremony is tomorrow.) 

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