Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UPDATE: Bishop changes plea to "guilty" for refusing breathalyzer, license suspended for 6 months

Bishop McManus has plead guilty to refusing a breathalyzer test in Rhode Island yesterday, was fined $900, lost his driver's license for 6 months, and ordered to perform 10 hours of community service. If he complies, the other three charges (DUI, lane violation, and leaving the scene of an accident) will be dismissed.

I applaud the Bishop for changing his plea to "guilty" for the chemical test charge. If he took the test when told to be the police officer, he might have tested below the legal limit, and not have a DUI charge. But, he refused at the scene, and now cannot operate a motor vehicle of six months. 

However, getting off with a fine and ten hours of community service is still kind of lenient considering that he was involved in a collision. But, ten hours of community service is not going to teach the Bishop a lesson, especially if he is going to be shoveling shit off the street that dogs made of nuisance. 

While the court did not specify what kind of community service the Bishop will have to perform, they might as well have sentenced him to offer five Pontifical High Masses for the souls (living and deceased) of the Diocese of Worcester (approx. 2 hours per Mass), something he has not even done once as Bishop of Worcester.

Celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass as a punishment ought to be imposed on priests who violate the law, especially for most of the Worcester curia, for whom they actively promote the homosexual agenda in their liturgies. Such punishment would show that no bishop is above Canon Law and the Magisterium. 

Guilty plea in all, this does not automatically absolve the Bishop of his sins. He still will have to make an account on Eternal Judgement Day. Sign the online petition to the Holy Father to remove Bishop McManus from the Diocese of Worcester. This drunk-driving incident is only a fraction of the problems Worcester faces ecclesiastically. 

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