Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Petition the Holy Father to Remove Bishop McManus

As I have stated above and on the most recent posts, I believe that Bishop McManus should resign. But I have started a petition to the Holy Father to have him removed in all fairness. 

The Diocese of Worcester has several problems, like it's bordering metropolitan Archdiocese of Boston, but on a lesser scale. While the Bishop has demonstrated the pro-life cause by leading the Rosary in front of Planned Parenthood and banning Mrs. Ted Kennedy from speaking at a college graduation, there are several ecclesiastical issues that have not been addressed. 

The Traditional Latin Mass has not been regularly said within the City of Worcester since the 1960's, but there have been a few Masses offered by a visiting priest a the Jesuit-run College of the Holy Cross since Summorum Pontificum. The Diocese has used the fictitious "city ordinance" excuse in recent years. 

Instead of selling or donating closed parishes (in good condition!) from the 2008 reconfiguration, he has sold most of them to anti-Catholic Pentecostal groups. (However, one parish was sold to the Maronite Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, and is used for the Maronite Mass today.) 

Secondly, last year, the Bishop's Master of Ceremonies, Msgr. Robert Johnson, was additionally assigned as the dean of St. Paul's Cathedral after Msgr. James Moroney left to become the Rector-President of St. John's Seminary in Brighton. Msgr. Johnson has been MC since 1996, serving Bishop Reilly first before McManus, and has lived in the Cathedral rectory for many years, so this was most likely a natural choice. But the pastor of the cathedral church is the Bishop, and the Bishop should be offering a Pontifical High Mass there every Sunday and Holy Day. 

When the Bishop loses his driver's license, Msgr. Johnson will have to drive him around to confirmation visits, etc. So having a double assignment for him is just not appropriate, even in a small diocese. It is the Bishop who is the Pastor of the Cathedral, not Msgr. Johnson. 

Thirdly, Msgr. Thomas Sullivan, the Chancellor, is currently duly-assigned as Pastor of Christ the King Parish, a wealthy parish on the West Side of the city. Sullivan has been the chancellor for several years and generally resided in the Cathedral rectory, said Daily Mass, and went to work at the Chancery. But now, since he has a parish, this is just too much for a priest. (But at least he is a priest; Boston's chancellors have been faithless overpaid laymen.) 

The list goes on and on, and I could be here all day and writing several encyclopedia entries on the sins of most bishops since Vatican II, small or large. But all I'm asking is that you sign the petition. 

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