Friday, May 24, 2013

Gay Scouts of America

(N.B.: I was supposed to make a video but the elders stopped me.-CRW)

Yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America National Council voted 61-39% to allow gay boys into the Scouts, while maintaining the ban on adult members (18+). 

As a former scout myself, this is very disturbing, and I proudly recited the last clause of the Scout Oath: "...morally straight." 

I am not going to write about what the term "morally straight" means, but assuming that the Oath is not revised, gay scouts will think that their status quo lifestyle fits the bill. But it is interesting that there will be no (openly) gay scoutmasters or lesbian den mothers in any official capacity anytime soon. 

Will such an approach transform gay scouts and treat their homosexuality? 

Sexuality in general was not discussed in my troop when I was both a Cub Scout and Boy Scout, but my troop was only one out of thousands nationally. At least my 11th edition of The Boy Scout Handbook has a section on chivalry! (They have published a 12th edition since then.) 

We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. 

Many religious organizations, including the Catholic Church, are chartered to host troops and Cub Scout packs. Fundamentalist Christian denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention and the Assemblies of God have stated they will no longer sponsor troops because of this historic vote.

However, I have not read the official text of the resolution on whether or not the local troop has an option of a ban on gay scouts. If troops have to accept gay scouts regardless of who sponsors them, then every Bishop in the United States must no longer support Scouting (as sad as it sounds). 

As of yet, the superiors of the Society of St. Pius X and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (for whom sponsor troops), nor the Vatican have issued a statement on this regard. If a decision was made when Archbishop Lefebvre was living, he would condemn this the very next day, and tell SSPX congregants that they could no longer support the BSA. 

What pressured this vote is the White House, since every President and Vice President since the Woodrow Wilson administration has served as Honorary President and Vice President of the BSA, as per their Congressional Charter. Since President Obama is gun-ho about the homosexual agenda, he is practically forcing the issue. 

Once the Girl Scouts lost their morals almost 20 years ago, they haven't been the same since. But all we can do now is pray for reparation

Saint George, patron of Scouting, pray for us!

UPDATE 5/25/2013: 

Dr. Taylor Marshall of Canterbury Tales, an Eagle Scout, is trying to establish a Catholic scouting alternative called the Scouts of Saint George. Click here to sign up for email alerts. 

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