Friday, May 31, 2013

Boston "Catholic" Schools to implement Common Core

The Boston Catholic Insider is reporting that the Archdiocese of Boston will be implementing the Common Core standards as developed by the Gates Foundation, with the approval of the Obama administration. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Common Core, it is a series of dumbed-down curricula standards from English and Math, turning our future generations into robots. (I wonder why everyone else has a Facebook and I don't!) For a synopsis on this, read this article on the Catholic Exchange on the two moms, Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle, petitioned the Indiana State Legislature to refuse Federal money for implementing the standards. 

Thanks to Mrs. Crossin and Mrs. Tuttle for standing up for what is right, and for the education that our children deserve. On the Catholic Exchange article comments, an angry father exposes what his children are doing at school:

Thank you Chris for exposing what it really is firsthand!

But unfortunately, Boston "Catholic" (Novus Ordo) School Superintendent Dr. Mary Grassa O'Neill has pissed off several parents for implementing this in the Archdiocese of Boston with the blessing of Obama's chief healthcare supporter in the clergy, Sean Cardinal O'Malley. Besides, this is part of the Disciples in Mission program, where Phase Two is scheduled to announced in the Fall unless a new archbishop is appointed. 

Instead of reading the Classics and Shakespeare, your kids will be reading about vices on a daily basis. Instead of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, you'll be saying the Pledge to Obama, if not already. 

Hey, I suppose the morning prayers will cease in parochial schools as well, since 40 state boards of education have agreed to accept $4.2 billion in Federal grants to implement this in the public schools. The Church of Dolan, based in Yankee country, has struck again with his Red Sox ally in Boston. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What does "Catholic in good standing" mean?

I wish I could answer this boldly, but it seems like the politically-correct answer is the correct one.

According to the "American Patriotic Church" (which is not even patriotic to begin with), headed by Dolan, a "Catholic in good standing" generally means that you support abortion, contraception, fortification, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, etc., etc., etc

According to the Dolanists, orthodoxy is not allowed under any circumstances. 

The following Vortex by Michael Voris deals with this issue, but also indirectly mentions the Robert Spencer incident in the Diocese of Worcester:

Speaking of the Diocese of Worcester, most of their priests are gay, according to Paul Melanson of the La Salette Journey, for he was denied from applying to be a seminarian for Worcester by the drunken Bishop McManus because of his orthodoxy. The proof is in the pudding: hatred for the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments, traditional church architecture, God-pleasing vestments, and to a lesser degree for the devotional life a parish is supposed to have. 

But they celebrate sin as if it were no big deal, as it is evident in the above video and link to Paul's recent article. They celebrate social justice, including worshipping the new, $1.5 million SJ's Food for the Poor Center as an idol, a violation of the First Commandment. (The ribbon-cutting ceremony is tomorrow.) 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gay Scouts of America

(N.B.: I was supposed to make a video but the elders stopped me.-CRW)

Yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America National Council voted 61-39% to allow gay boys into the Scouts, while maintaining the ban on adult members (18+). 

As a former scout myself, this is very disturbing, and I proudly recited the last clause of the Scout Oath: "...morally straight." 

I am not going to write about what the term "morally straight" means, but assuming that the Oath is not revised, gay scouts will think that their status quo lifestyle fits the bill. But it is interesting that there will be no (openly) gay scoutmasters or lesbian den mothers in any official capacity anytime soon. 

Will such an approach transform gay scouts and treat their homosexuality? 

Sexuality in general was not discussed in my troop when I was both a Cub Scout and Boy Scout, but my troop was only one out of thousands nationally. At least my 11th edition of The Boy Scout Handbook has a section on chivalry! (They have published a 12th edition since then.) 

We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. 

Many religious organizations, including the Catholic Church, are chartered to host troops and Cub Scout packs. Fundamentalist Christian denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention and the Assemblies of God have stated they will no longer sponsor troops because of this historic vote.

However, I have not read the official text of the resolution on whether or not the local troop has an option of a ban on gay scouts. If troops have to accept gay scouts regardless of who sponsors them, then every Bishop in the United States must no longer support Scouting (as sad as it sounds). 

As of yet, the superiors of the Society of St. Pius X and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (for whom sponsor troops), nor the Vatican have issued a statement on this regard. If a decision was made when Archbishop Lefebvre was living, he would condemn this the very next day, and tell SSPX congregants that they could no longer support the BSA. 

What pressured this vote is the White House, since every President and Vice President since the Woodrow Wilson administration has served as Honorary President and Vice President of the BSA, as per their Congressional Charter. Since President Obama is gun-ho about the homosexual agenda, he is practically forcing the issue. 

Once the Girl Scouts lost their morals almost 20 years ago, they haven't been the same since. But all we can do now is pray for reparation

Saint George, patron of Scouting, pray for us!

UPDATE 5/25/2013: 

Dr. Taylor Marshall of Canterbury Tales, an Eagle Scout, is trying to establish a Catholic scouting alternative called the Scouts of Saint George. Click here to sign up for email alerts. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bloodshot tears

Today at Mass, my eyes kept watering so much that I had to remove my eyeglasses several times to clean them. Even though I have environmental allergies that I have dealt for the past 13 years, my eyes watered. I consider these tears of sadness because it is Pentecost Sunday, and I have not found my Catholic sweetheart yet. 

My regular ride will not be able to drive me next Sunday, so I'm stuck. Please be a Catholic girl and meet a Catholic guy like me: ME! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UPDATE: Bishop changes plea to "guilty" for refusing breathalyzer, license suspended for 6 months

Bishop McManus has plead guilty to refusing a breathalyzer test in Rhode Island yesterday, was fined $900, lost his driver's license for 6 months, and ordered to perform 10 hours of community service. If he complies, the other three charges (DUI, lane violation, and leaving the scene of an accident) will be dismissed.

I applaud the Bishop for changing his plea to "guilty" for the chemical test charge. If he took the test when told to be the police officer, he might have tested below the legal limit, and not have a DUI charge. But, he refused at the scene, and now cannot operate a motor vehicle of six months. 

However, getting off with a fine and ten hours of community service is still kind of lenient considering that he was involved in a collision. But, ten hours of community service is not going to teach the Bishop a lesson, especially if he is going to be shoveling shit off the street that dogs made of nuisance. 

While the court did not specify what kind of community service the Bishop will have to perform, they might as well have sentenced him to offer five Pontifical High Masses for the souls (living and deceased) of the Diocese of Worcester (approx. 2 hours per Mass), something he has not even done once as Bishop of Worcester.

Celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass as a punishment ought to be imposed on priests who violate the law, especially for most of the Worcester curia, for whom they actively promote the homosexual agenda in their liturgies. Such punishment would show that no bishop is above Canon Law and the Magisterium. 

Guilty plea in all, this does not automatically absolve the Bishop of his sins. He still will have to make an account on Eternal Judgement Day. Sign the online petition to the Holy Father to remove Bishop McManus from the Diocese of Worcester. This drunk-driving incident is only a fraction of the problems Worcester faces ecclesiastically. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ugly church architecture is back...

Rorate Caeli has a an article showing recent winning designs of three new parish churches in Italy. I am not posting a preview, but if you want to see these ugly, sacrilegious designs, please click here

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Boston College isn't Catholic

The following video by Michael Matt of The Remnant, reporting from the Catacomb, on the decision by the Trustees and Administration of Boston College to invite Enda Kenny, an Irish politician who has filed a bill in Irish Paraliament that would allow abortion on-demand, just like what we have here in the United States:

You notice the kids in Rome (of all places) laughing in the video when asked about abortion. So there you have it: Boston College isn't Catholic. 

Also, Michael Voris reports infront of Lambeth Palace, the birthplace of contraception in the Anglican Church (which is falling apart):

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Petition the Holy Father to Remove Bishop McManus

As I have stated above and on the most recent posts, I believe that Bishop McManus should resign. But I have started a petition to the Holy Father to have him removed in all fairness. 

The Diocese of Worcester has several problems, like it's bordering metropolitan Archdiocese of Boston, but on a lesser scale. While the Bishop has demonstrated the pro-life cause by leading the Rosary in front of Planned Parenthood and banning Mrs. Ted Kennedy from speaking at a college graduation, there are several ecclesiastical issues that have not been addressed. 

The Traditional Latin Mass has not been regularly said within the City of Worcester since the 1960's, but there have been a few Masses offered by a visiting priest a the Jesuit-run College of the Holy Cross since Summorum Pontificum. The Diocese has used the fictitious "city ordinance" excuse in recent years. 

Instead of selling or donating closed parishes (in good condition!) from the 2008 reconfiguration, he has sold most of them to anti-Catholic Pentecostal groups. (However, one parish was sold to the Maronite Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, and is used for the Maronite Mass today.) 

Secondly, last year, the Bishop's Master of Ceremonies, Msgr. Robert Johnson, was additionally assigned as the dean of St. Paul's Cathedral after Msgr. James Moroney left to become the Rector-President of St. John's Seminary in Brighton. Msgr. Johnson has been MC since 1996, serving Bishop Reilly first before McManus, and has lived in the Cathedral rectory for many years, so this was most likely a natural choice. But the pastor of the cathedral church is the Bishop, and the Bishop should be offering a Pontifical High Mass there every Sunday and Holy Day. 

When the Bishop loses his driver's license, Msgr. Johnson will have to drive him around to confirmation visits, etc. So having a double assignment for him is just not appropriate, even in a small diocese. It is the Bishop who is the Pastor of the Cathedral, not Msgr. Johnson. 

Thirdly, Msgr. Thomas Sullivan, the Chancellor, is currently duly-assigned as Pastor of Christ the King Parish, a wealthy parish on the West Side of the city. Sullivan has been the chancellor for several years and generally resided in the Cathedral rectory, said Daily Mass, and went to work at the Chancery. But now, since he has a parish, this is just too much for a priest. (But at least he is a priest; Boston's chancellors have been faithless overpaid laymen.) 

The list goes on and on, and I could be here all day and writing several encyclopedia entries on the sins of most bishops since Vatican II, small or large. But all I'm asking is that you sign the petition. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

UPDATE: Bishop pleads not guilty

Bishop McManus has plead not guilty today at his arraignment in Rhode Island today. He is free on $1,000 bail and is due back in court on May 28th. 

Please check this blog for more updates on this embarrassment for the Diocese of Worcester. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop McManus charged with drunk driving

Bishop Robert J. McManus of the Diocese of Worcester was arrested for driving under the influence in Narraganset, Rhode Island while on vacation on Saturday night, after he hit and ran against another car (whom that driver called police). He reportedly refused a breathalyzer test, which results in an automatic arrest. He is awaiting a court appearance in Rhode Island. 

Bishop McManus, who has ran the Diocese of Worcester since 2004, did not follow one of the Four Cardinal Virtues in the case: Temperance. All this despite the diocese having a no-alchohol policy on church property (with the altar wine exempt). The bishop drove intoxicated "after dinner" and not after Mass. 

Bishop McManus refused to offer the Traditional Latin Mass while in Worcester, but reportedly did celebrate a Mass while auxiliary bishop of his native Providence, Rhode Island diocese. All because of a fictitious city ordinance in Worcester, there has been no regularly scheduled TLM within the city limits. The only two diocesan parishes that offer the TLM are far away from his cathedral church (in the boondox). Then there is the St. Benedict Center in Still River, the location of the only true Catholic school in Massachusetts. 

Even though the Church is made up of sinners and saints, Bishop McManus has failed in certain areas of the duties of a bishop, including the most serious ones above. Because of this, I believe that the Bishop must submit his resignation to Pope Francis immediately. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Church of Nice

I actually found this video called the "Boretex", where Michael Voris parodies his Vortex with Vatican II juvenile problems. I'm only posting it because it mentions the crises in the Archdiocese of Boston. It made me giggle, so watch at your own risk!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Congressman Paul Ryan now supports gay adoption

This one is news to me: Creative Minority Report reports that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), a Catholic and Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012, now supports gay adoption. 

Even though he still opposes gay marriage, supporting gay adoption is against Catholic teaching, and he should be barred from Holy Communion. 

I don't know if he attends the TLM or not, but if he has been doing so on a regular basis, I don't think a traditional priest will be giving him communion any time soon.