Monday, April 29, 2013


Yesterday was an awful day, except for the Chinese food. This was the day the Lord did not make. It was Sunday, the Sabbath, and I was forced like a two year-old to attend the invalid Novus Ordo confirmation of my twin cousins. I was literally dragged into the car. 

Once I got to the pagan temple, I had to go upstairs to stadium seating, just like a megachurch (but this was a lot smaller). The cookie table was wooden, and the seating near it was in round; no altar rail. It was a rock and roll "Mass" except for the processions, where organ music was played from a CD player and not the organ aloft. Everyone was chit-chatting before and after the service. 

The confirmation was performed by an auxiliary bishop, where he did not give a dogmatic sermon, but he did make the candidates kneel before him while he sat on the faldstool to administer the "sacrament." 

There were a lot of young women who were very hot and wholesome, and would have looked perfectly fine with mantillas.

Below are my cousins and their sponsors (with the faces blurred-out for privacy reasons):

Please pray that these and the hundreds who were confirmed eventually discover the One True Faith and get confirmed in a traditional ceremony, just like this one done:

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