Saturday, April 6, 2013

"American Patriotic Church": Dolanism

I just happen to watch a two recent Vortex episodes, where Michael Voris compares and contrasts mainstream Catholicism in America and China:

As you can tell from these two videos, the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association is the official state-run Catholic Church in the People's Republic of China. They're the agency of the communist government that "appoints" and consecrates bishops without Papal mandates. For example, if the CCPA doesn't like a bishop appointed by the Holy See, then they consecrate their own bishops, and therefore they are not in communion with Rome. (This is a totally different scenario than Marcel Lefebvre, so don't go there...)

The "American Patriotic Church" as Voris coins it, is not Catholic, and not (yet) officially operated independently of the Holy See. It's basically the USCCB, run by Cardinal Dolan as it's president, for which the heresy of Dolanism (selling-out the Faith to pop culture) is followed by the Dolanists. 

Now the big question is this: Are real orthodox traditional Catholics who are United States Citizens Real Americans? 

The simple answer is YES, they are real Americans, because America is a nation under GOD. The following images show REAL Catholics who believe in what America actually stands for:

Knights of Columbus meeting




Christendom College

March for Life

Dominican Nuns

The following people in these images may or not be Catholic, but they are REAL Americans who believe in God at the very least:

Now the fake American "Patriotic" Church and it's un-patriotic leaders are the cause of such behavior:

"Permission Slip" for Pledge, which one legally does not need permission to pledge allegiance to their country. 

Legislators sitting down at taxpayer's expense

Boy indoctrinated that homosexuality should be normal

I thought dictators put themselves on the flag?

Wise-guy students sitting down for Pledge, a growing epidemic in our public schools that no one seems to address. 

And remember...

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