Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sede Vacante (The See is Vacant) and other news

While the Chair of Peter is (I hope temporarily) vacant, there are some other important, but disturbing news articles happening in Central Massachusetts that pertain to the Diocese of Worcester:

Fugitive Priest has slick lawyer, avoids jail time

Remember when I mentioned about Lowe Dongor, the priest who did child porn and left justice thinking he could get away with it? 

Now after turning himself in just before Christmas 2012, he plead guilty last week in Worcester Superior Court to child porn, larceny, and fugitive charges he faced. After being sentenced to 1-3 years in prison, Judge Janet Kenton-Walker suspended the sentence with 5 years probation at the request of his attorney, denying the recommendations of the prosecutor. In addition, he must pay $750 in restitution to the parish he served at, register as a sex offender, and undergo treatment. As a citizen of the Philippines, he could be deported. (Read article here)

I am really upset that he did not receive any jail time, nor the Feds did not prosecute him. Massachusetts has laxy-dazy punishments for child sex offenders, and that's why he got off. Additionally, he should have never been admitted to the seminary to begin with. 

Milford Catholic to have most classes in Spanish

What really disturbs me as a U.S. Citizen is that a parochial school located in Milford, MA (USA) will be teaching most of the classes in Spanish in lieu of English, with the blessing of Bishop McManus, according to a Catholic Free Press article on March 1st

They apparently have received a grant from the Roche Center for Catholic [e.g. Novus Ordo] Education at Boston College to begin this Fall 2013. 
Most of the basic classes (Literature, math, science, history, religion, etc.) will be taught in Spanish, while physical education, art, and music will be taught in English. 

While I don't mind that students learn Spanish as a second language for scholastic purposes, I am troubled by the fact they are dumping their patriotism by not offering the most basic classes in English because this school is located in the United States of America.

I'm not sure if private schools are exempt from this, but all public schools must teach all classes in English except for foreign language classes under Massachusetts law.  Not only that all government business is conducted in English, but international commerce and socialization are generally done in English universally these days, just like Latin is the official liturgical language of the Catholic Church. 

The main reason why I think that they are making this transition because most of the student body are native Spanish speakers at home, and sadly, from families of undocumented parents. So are they going to dump the American Pledge of Allegiance for the Mexican one? 

If you are a Milford Catholic parent and are patriotic, please don't waste your tuition dollars to have your child not learn English. Also, if you are Catholic, chances are you've wasted your tuition on fake theology for your kids, so if you want to send them to a real Catholic school, you better start looking. Does your child know the basic Catholic prayers in Latin? 

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