Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fake "Catholic Appeal" launched in Boston

The good news is that Today is the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of the Church. 

But the bad news is that this week is the first week of the annual fake Boston Catholic Appeal, which supposedly pays for services that advance the mission of the Church. But the truth is the opposite: six figure salaries and godless luxury. 

In church this past Sunday, I actually took one of the pamphlets on this (although my parish is a Latin Mass parish and the priest doesn't like what's going on with the central administration, it is owned by the archdiocese and therefore must supply them). They even gave a breakdown of whom and what was supported last year. I will break down the TRUTHS behind the numbers as listed in the pamphlet:

  • 645 priests (Many of them are not in parish ministry. If you have 290 parishes, most parishes should have at least 2 priests in them.)
  • 7,000 Why Catholic? workshop participants (This program is heretical.) 
  • Novus Ordo Mass in 19 languages (Latin is not Sean & Co.'s favorite language.)
  • 114,000 children in parish-based Religious Ed classes (No Roman or Baltimore Catechisms included.) 
  • 50 college students "convert" via campus-based RCIA programs (RCIA was never approved by the Vatican and should not be used.)
  • 500 on busloads to the March for Life (None of them were allowed to attend Bishop Perry's Requiem Mass for the Unborn.)
  • (And most importantly in terms of this blog) 327 couples were married last year in the Novus Ordo, and were inadequately prepared via the Transformed in Love program. 
The last point strikes me a odds, and I know doesn't include the 3 weddings held at my parish last year because my priest does not send engaged couples to such a heretical program. This does not include any Nuptial Masses that were said in someone's living room. 

This brings me to this Vortex by Michael Voris regarding to "The Next Pope & the Latin Mass":

The Traditionalist Movement is what is keeping the Church afloat today. If an Antipope claims the Chair of Peter, then we're going to sink. When you watched the video above, you'll hear Voris mention "young families" several times, and quotes and unnamed prelate that "in 50 years the Novus Ordo Mass will be gone" (I hope that's true!). 

So in order for the Church to rebuild, the Traditional Latin Mass must be obligatory. Catholics who attend this Mass are the ones who are being slighted by many bishops, including Cardinal O'Malley in Boston and Bishop McManus in Worcester (There is a fictitious city ordinance in Worcester prohibiting such kind of worship as an excuse made by the Diocese of Worcester why there isn't a Latin Mass within the city limits.). 

So if bishops are priests are going to spend our collection plate money on social justice, let them be anathema. But if they're going to spend it on fancy vestments, statuary, and restoration/historic preservation of parishes including new altar rails, tabernacles, and high altars, let them enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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