Friday, March 22, 2013

An Open Letter to the clergy of the Archdiocese of Boston

Dear Most Reverend Auxiliary Bishops, Right Reverend Monsignors, and Reverend Fathers:

I am writing this letter because I am very disturbed by the scandals that have taken place regarding the Archdiocese of Boston, especially the most recent incident that His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O'Malley, was one about a dozen or so cardinal-electors in the conclave that elected Pope Francis who violated the oath of secrecy by briefing the press on March 14th about details about the proceedings. 

Under the provisions in Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI's final motu proprio, Cardinal Sean, along with other cardinal-electors and Vatican staff who violated the oath, are automatically excommunicated, and therefore are no longer members of the Roman Catholic Church based on this incident. 

Therefore, as of March 14, 2013, Boston has no archbishop under these sanctions. Therefore, no person (clerical or lay) can validly receive the sacraments or attend any Masses from these cardinals without committing a schismatic act, because of their excommunications, they can no longer hold the positions they once had in the Church before entering the conclave.

While I hope and pray the His Holiness, Pope Francis will issue a Papal Bull affirming these excommunications, he is not required to do so because these excommunications are laetae sententiatiae

So if Cardinal Sean comes back to Boston, he is just an excommunicated Cardinal, a first since the 18th century. However, he may apply for reinstatement and must be reconciled. In either case, he is no longer the Archbishop of Boston according to canon law, and therefore cannot validly exercise his ministry as a bishop. 

For the past ten years, Cardinal Sean has ruined the archdiocese by closing parishes, schools, seeing declining Mass attendance, a $140 million deficit, and pay 16 laypersons $150,000 or more per year, against the wishes of both Pope Francis and his predecessor. He has also limiting the Traditional Latin Mass to a few parishes, which violates Summorum Pontificum

As a faithful pewsitter, I attend the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively and embarrassed to say that I cannot support the Catholic Appeal because I am not going to put money into teaching heresy. I do support my local diocesan parish, but that's it.

As a single male who is looking for a young Catholic woman with the same values as I do, I cannot easily find young single Catholic women because (1) in my parish they're already married with kids, which I am happy for most of them, but (2) there are not very many singles who think they must marry or join the convent. While I am served by a very orthodox priest who doesn't like the Archdiocesan pre-cana programs because of the heresies taught, I am limited where I could marry (if I find someone) to my 400-seat parish church, where if my bride had a wanted to invite 400 of her family members, and if I wanted to invite at least 50 friends, there's no room!

I am sick of these "diversity" liturgies that have been taking place for way too long, and they must stop. I am sick of altar girls and lay readers, communion standing in the hand under 2 kinds, Mass facing the people, Protestant hymns that deny Christ's real presence and Mary's virginity which often times are political in nature, and any other liturgical abuses for WHICH I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR. 

Next month, my twin cousins are scheduled to be confirmed in their suburban parish, and my family immediate family is really upset because I will boycott the ceremony because it will be conducted in the Ordinary Form, all in likelyhood by an auxiliary bishop. To make matters worse, my fake "Catholic" sister is sponsoring one of the twins. This prime example is putting the salvation of souls at risk, where confirmandi are supposed to join the Church Militant, but instead will not walk into a church ever again once they go to college.

Finally, the near the end of life, a typical parish priest does not believe in the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, and often times does not make sick calls in favor of social justice activities that are anything but Catholicism. Typically, when someone dies in the Archdiocese of Boston, they are automatically go straight to heaven and bypass the Requiem Mass for a "celebration of life." Such act is dangerous, as well as stating that there is universal salvation, where in reality that "outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation" (Fr. Feeney, MICM). Most priests do not even pray for the repose of souls from purgatory, for they don't believe in it. 

Every day, I pray that there is a new archbishop and a 180 degree turnaround that is desperately needed. 

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