Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Has Risen!

The tomb is empty. He is not there. He has risen!!!

A Happy and Blessed Easter to all!

I hope that I will find my Catholic sweetheart during this Paschaltide, for which the weather is getting better for the health of us all. 

Nearly 22,000 people have viewed this blog and globally since July 2010, for which I am very grateful. I hope that in the next 50 days she will come. 

Alleluia, Alleluia!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BC students told to stop handing out condoms

During this Holy Week, long overdue disciplinary action was threatened by the Dean of Students at Jesuit-sponsored Boston College, for the co-eds who were giving out free condoms and sexual health resources on campus. (Read Boston Globe article here)

Ironically, this is the first publicized action taken by the administration against such sinful act, and it happens just two weeks after the election of Jesuit Pope Francis. They just had to wait until a Jesuit sat in the Chair of Peter to take action because Cardinal Sean never did so for the past ten years. 

First of all, except for Peter Kreeft, pretty much the faculty is heretical, and most of the Jesuits at BC (and elsewhere) don't like the Holy Father because of his orthodoxy in terms of sexual ethics. So they are afraid. 

Secondly, like any other state or private secularized college, BC has co-ed dorms, which is against Catholic teaching. 

Thirdly, there is no regular (daily) celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments at BC, and there hasn't been any since Vatican II, nor there will be any unless a traditionalist archbishop is appointed for Boston. 

Fourthly, BC is about big money and sports. Because it's not named after a saint, most students don't know of BC's once Catholic heritage. The average good Catholic family would not be able to afford to send their child there. 

Lastly, BC students who come from Catholic families are likely to become atheists or agnostics upon graduation. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bishop Fellay to lay cornerstone to new seminary

His Excellency, The Most Reverend Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, will lay the cornerstone to the New Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Buckingham County, Virginia, on Saturday, April 20th, 2013. 

This new campus will replace the current campus in Winona, Minnesota, which is overcrowded and structurally deficient. The SSPX is the fastest-growning traditionalist order in Catholicism today, and is gaining the more priestly vocations than any other diocese or religious order. 

The design architect is Ethan Anthony of Cram & Ferguson and the project administrator is Robert Burns of Commonwealth Architects in Richmond, VA (Mr. Burns is featured in the following promo):

To see the Cram & Ferguson drawings, click here

For a project timeline, to donate, or to RSVP to the groundbreaking, please visit the project website.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Clergy, obtain for us a number of holy priests.

Sick on Palm Sunday

For the second consecutive year an illness has prevented me from attending Palm Sunday Mass. Please pray that I recover just in time for Easter. 

God Bless, 


Friday, March 22, 2013

An Open Letter to the clergy of the Archdiocese of Boston

Dear Most Reverend Auxiliary Bishops, Right Reverend Monsignors, and Reverend Fathers:

I am writing this letter because I am very disturbed by the scandals that have taken place regarding the Archdiocese of Boston, especially the most recent incident that His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O'Malley, was one about a dozen or so cardinal-electors in the conclave that elected Pope Francis who violated the oath of secrecy by briefing the press on March 14th about details about the proceedings. 

Under the provisions in Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI's final motu proprio, Cardinal Sean, along with other cardinal-electors and Vatican staff who violated the oath, are automatically excommunicated, and therefore are no longer members of the Roman Catholic Church based on this incident. 

Therefore, as of March 14, 2013, Boston has no archbishop under these sanctions. Therefore, no person (clerical or lay) can validly receive the sacraments or attend any Masses from these cardinals without committing a schismatic act, because of their excommunications, they can no longer hold the positions they once had in the Church before entering the conclave.

While I hope and pray the His Holiness, Pope Francis will issue a Papal Bull affirming these excommunications, he is not required to do so because these excommunications are laetae sententiatiae

So if Cardinal Sean comes back to Boston, he is just an excommunicated Cardinal, a first since the 18th century. However, he may apply for reinstatement and must be reconciled. In either case, he is no longer the Archbishop of Boston according to canon law, and therefore cannot validly exercise his ministry as a bishop. 

For the past ten years, Cardinal Sean has ruined the archdiocese by closing parishes, schools, seeing declining Mass attendance, a $140 million deficit, and pay 16 laypersons $150,000 or more per year, against the wishes of both Pope Francis and his predecessor. He has also limiting the Traditional Latin Mass to a few parishes, which violates Summorum Pontificum

As a faithful pewsitter, I attend the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively and embarrassed to say that I cannot support the Catholic Appeal because I am not going to put money into teaching heresy. I do support my local diocesan parish, but that's it.

As a single male who is looking for a young Catholic woman with the same values as I do, I cannot easily find young single Catholic women because (1) in my parish they're already married with kids, which I am happy for most of them, but (2) there are not very many singles who think they must marry or join the convent. While I am served by a very orthodox priest who doesn't like the Archdiocesan pre-cana programs because of the heresies taught, I am limited where I could marry (if I find someone) to my 400-seat parish church, where if my bride had a wanted to invite 400 of her family members, and if I wanted to invite at least 50 friends, there's no room!

I am sick of these "diversity" liturgies that have been taking place for way too long, and they must stop. I am sick of altar girls and lay readers, communion standing in the hand under 2 kinds, Mass facing the people, Protestant hymns that deny Christ's real presence and Mary's virginity which often times are political in nature, and any other liturgical abuses for WHICH I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR. 

Next month, my twin cousins are scheduled to be confirmed in their suburban parish, and my family immediate family is really upset because I will boycott the ceremony because it will be conducted in the Ordinary Form, all in likelyhood by an auxiliary bishop. To make matters worse, my fake "Catholic" sister is sponsoring one of the twins. This prime example is putting the salvation of souls at risk, where confirmandi are supposed to join the Church Militant, but instead will not walk into a church ever again once they go to college.

Finally, the near the end of life, a typical parish priest does not believe in the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, and often times does not make sick calls in favor of social justice activities that are anything but Catholicism. Typically, when someone dies in the Archdiocese of Boston, they are automatically go straight to heaven and bypass the Requiem Mass for a "celebration of life." Such act is dangerous, as well as stating that there is universal salvation, where in reality that "outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation" (Fr. Feeney, MICM). Most priests do not even pray for the repose of souls from purgatory, for they don't believe in it. 

Every day, I pray that there is a new archbishop and a 180 degree turnaround that is desperately needed. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fr. Michael Rodriguez: Be prepared for persecution

I am happy to find this video of Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant, a Traditionalist Catholic newspaper, interviewing Fr. Michael Rodriguez, the diocesan priest (El Paso, Texas) who exclusively offers the Traditional Latin Mass, and was kicked out of his vibrant, inner-city parish by the (now transferred) heretic-bishop, and moved 500 miles away:

Up here in New England, why can't we get priests like Fr. Rodriguez, who refuse to celebrate the Novus Ordo Cookie service? 

Even one step further: Why can't we have bishops like this? 

Get prepared for martyrdom, as even many of our supposedly "priests" and "bishops" have taken up Freemasonry in lieu of Catholicism. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cardinal Sean (and others) break oath of secrecy, are automatically excommunicated!

With all the joys all over the world this weekend with the election of the Pope Francis, I have some very sad and disturbing news that I have to relay that has been reported all over the news media:


(Click here to read full Papal Bull in English)

Canon 1204 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law states: 

"An oath is to be strictly interpreted according to the law and the intention of the person taking the oath, or if that person acts out of fraud, according to the intention of the person to whom the oath is made."

The oath taken by the Cardinals states:

"In conformity with the provisions of No. 52 of the Apostolic constitution Univesi Dominici Gregis, We, the Cardinal electors present in this election of the Supreme Pontiff promise, pledge and swear, as individuals and as a group, to observe faithfully and scrupulously the prescriptions contained in the Apostolic Constitution of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, Universi Dominici Gregis, published on 22 February 1996. We likewise promise, pledge and swear that whichever of us by divine disposition is elected Roman Pontiff will commit himself faithfully to carrying out the munus Petrinum of Pastor of the Universal Church and will not fail to affirm and defend strenuously the spiritual and temporal rights and the liberty of the Holy See. In a particular way, we promise and swear to observe with the greatest fidelity and with all persons, clerical or lay, secrecy regarding everything that in any way relates to the election of the Roman Pontiff and regarding what occurs in the place of the election, directly or indirectly related to the results of the voting; we promise and swear not to break this secret in any way, either during or after the election of the new Pontiff, unless explicit authorization is granted by the same Pontiff; and never to lend support or favour to any interference, opposition or any other form of intervention, whereby secular authorities of whatever order and degree or any group of people or individuals might wish to intervene in the election of the Roman Pontiff. And I, N. Cardinal N., do so promise, pledge and swear. So help me God and these Holy Gospels which I touch with my hand."

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Habemus Papam

Jorge Cardinal Bergogolio, S.J., Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the first non-European pope since Gregory III (Syria), the first pope from the Western Hemisphere, and the first Jesuit pope. He has taken the name of Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, a patron of the poor. 

While Archbishop, he refused to live in the archbishop's palace and be chauffeured, but instead rented an apartment and took the bus to work.

Argentina is a poor country economically, and Francis understands what it's like to be in poverty. He is one of five children born to a middle-class family, and had a lung surgically removed at age 16. 

While Francis is pro-family and doctrinally orthodox compared to most of his brother Jesuits, he has celebrated "coffee table" and stadium youth Masses just like any other prelate from hot weather countries. But he did establish a diocesan TLM apostalate 48 hours after Summorum Pontificum was released, one of the first bishops to do so. But I am hearing that the priest assigned to say the Mass regularly did not have the resources to follow the rubrics! 

While it's too early to determine what kind of a papacy Francis will operate, at least for sure that he being a South American he could adequately address the mass exodus of Hispanics from Catholicism. Also, I am hearing that his first private Sistine Chapel Mass will be in Latin, so we'll wait and see. 

The Installation Mass will be offered on March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Patron of the Universal Church. 

Because of this, in all likelyhood Cardinal Sean will be coming home to Boston unless something changes. At least Sean didn't get in, or we would be terrible shape. In either case, let's pray that the Holy Father will address the issues that are plaguing the Archdiocese of Boston today. 

Also, let us pray for Pope Francis as he begins his new ministry, and for the FULL Restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Catholic school holds conclave, elects Antipope Sebastian

There is buzz that St. Louis Catholic School in Alexandria, Virginia held a mock conclave, where the boys who attend the school acted as the College of Cardinals and elected Sebastian I. (Click here for photos)

While this was supposed to be an educational event, the fact that children over the age of reason (7) are mocking such sacred ceremony is considered shameful.

Because of this, they male student body became Conclavists and elected their own pope. So, therefore, Sebastian I is an antipope because he is not the canonically-elected pope. 

There have been fake conclaves over the past century, and click here for an article on modern-day antipopes. 

Please pray that the real Conclave that begins Tuesday will not produce an Antipope. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Cardinal Burke endorsement

Michael Voris and Church Militant TV think Cardinal Burke will take the name Leo XIV:

The papal name is immaterial. It's the person who falls in the Fisherman's shoes whom really matters. 

Date of Conclave set

CNN is reporting that the Conclave will begin this Tuesday, March 12th, the Feast of Saint Gregory the Great.

The date is very curious, since this saint was responsible for composing the earliest music of the Sacred Liturgy, the chants that are sung at the Traditional Latin Mass. Often times the incorrectly-termed "Tridentine" Latin Mass is known as the Gregorian Mass, since Gregory was responsible for the liturgical texts, which date back to his reign. (This not to be confused with the Gregorian Requiem Novena of Masses 30 days after death or burial.)

St. Gregory the Great, ora pro nobis!
St. Pius V, ora pro nobis!
St. Pius X, ora pro nobis!
Bl. John Henry Newman, ora pro nobis!
Ven. Fulton Sheen, ora pro nobis!
Abp. Marcel Lefebrve, ora pro nobis!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fake "Catholic Appeal" launched in Boston

The good news is that Today is the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of the Church. 

But the bad news is that this week is the first week of the annual fake Boston Catholic Appeal, which supposedly pays for services that advance the mission of the Church. But the truth is the opposite: six figure salaries and godless luxury. 

In church this past Sunday, I actually took one of the pamphlets on this (although my parish is a Latin Mass parish and the priest doesn't like what's going on with the central administration, it is owned by the archdiocese and therefore must supply them). They even gave a breakdown of whom and what was supported last year. I will break down the TRUTHS behind the numbers as listed in the pamphlet:

  • 645 priests (Many of them are not in parish ministry. If you have 290 parishes, most parishes should have at least 2 priests in them.)
  • 7,000 Why Catholic? workshop participants (This program is heretical.) 
  • Novus Ordo Mass in 19 languages (Latin is not Sean & Co.'s favorite language.)
  • 114,000 children in parish-based Religious Ed classes (No Roman or Baltimore Catechisms included.) 
  • 50 college students "convert" via campus-based RCIA programs (RCIA was never approved by the Vatican and should not be used.)
  • 500 on busloads to the March for Life (None of them were allowed to attend Bishop Perry's Requiem Mass for the Unborn.)
  • (And most importantly in terms of this blog) 327 couples were married last year in the Novus Ordo, and were inadequately prepared via the Transformed in Love program. 
The last point strikes me a odds, and I know doesn't include the 3 weddings held at my parish last year because my priest does not send engaged couples to such a heretical program. This does not include any Nuptial Masses that were said in someone's living room. 

This brings me to this Vortex by Michael Voris regarding to "The Next Pope & the Latin Mass":

The Traditionalist Movement is what is keeping the Church afloat today. If an Antipope claims the Chair of Peter, then we're going to sink. When you watched the video above, you'll hear Voris mention "young families" several times, and quotes and unnamed prelate that "in 50 years the Novus Ordo Mass will be gone" (I hope that's true!). 

So in order for the Church to rebuild, the Traditional Latin Mass must be obligatory. Catholics who attend this Mass are the ones who are being slighted by many bishops, including Cardinal O'Malley in Boston and Bishop McManus in Worcester (There is a fictitious city ordinance in Worcester prohibiting such kind of worship as an excuse made by the Diocese of Worcester why there isn't a Latin Mass within the city limits.). 

So if bishops are priests are going to spend our collection plate money on social justice, let them be anathema. But if they're going to spend it on fancy vestments, statuary, and restoration/historic preservation of parishes including new altar rails, tabernacles, and high altars, let them enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sede Vacante (The See is Vacant) and other news

While the Chair of Peter is (I hope temporarily) vacant, there are some other important, but disturbing news articles happening in Central Massachusetts that pertain to the Diocese of Worcester:

Fugitive Priest has slick lawyer, avoids jail time

Remember when I mentioned about Lowe Dongor, the priest who did child porn and left justice thinking he could get away with it? 

Now after turning himself in just before Christmas 2012, he plead guilty last week in Worcester Superior Court to child porn, larceny, and fugitive charges he faced. After being sentenced to 1-3 years in prison, Judge Janet Kenton-Walker suspended the sentence with 5 years probation at the request of his attorney, denying the recommendations of the prosecutor. In addition, he must pay $750 in restitution to the parish he served at, register as a sex offender, and undergo treatment. As a citizen of the Philippines, he could be deported. (Read article here)

I am really upset that he did not receive any jail time, nor the Feds did not prosecute him. Massachusetts has laxy-dazy punishments for child sex offenders, and that's why he got off. Additionally, he should have never been admitted to the seminary to begin with. 

Milford Catholic to have most classes in Spanish

What really disturbs me as a U.S. Citizen is that a parochial school located in Milford, MA (USA) will be teaching most of the classes in Spanish in lieu of English, with the blessing of Bishop McManus, according to a Catholic Free Press article on March 1st

They apparently have received a grant from the Roche Center for Catholic [e.g. Novus Ordo] Education at Boston College to begin this Fall 2013.