Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snowed-out three weeks in a row!

With all the snow up in the Northeast this weekend, I was snowed-out from going to church for the third consecutive week! 

This is rare, but depressing. 

Lent has meant no meat for me. Nor I have met the Catholic sweetheart. But I did receive a nice email from a happily-married Catholic woman, saying that I need to "lighten up" because I am being very selective on whom I am looking for in a wife. She thought limiting to natural-born American citizens and Cradle Catholics, and posting the heresies of the Archdiocese of Boston doesn't attract women. 

But either way, I told her that if someone converted a few years ago and was validly baptized and confirmed, then okay. Same holds true for someone born in Canada (or elsewhere) who was naturalized as a U.S. citizen a few years ago: they would die to pledge their allegiance to the American Flag and not to a dictator, and cover their hearts during the Star-Spangled Banner. Besides, converts by choice are more serious than ones "born-into" it. 

But I told her that I will pray for her and her husband, and I hope they keep me in their prayers as well. 

But sadly, I have to mention the problems the archdiocese has because traditionalists don't have it made up here. If Sean O'Malley is elected Pope (or Dolan, or Wuerl, or Schoborn), we're screwed. 

Please pray that the Holy Ghost send us a Holy Roman Pontiff who will restore the Catholic Church in Boston specifically, by sending us a new archbishop who will get rid of the non-Catholics making six-figure salaries ruining the chancery. 

Also, please pray for good weather and that I find my sweetie soon. 

Pax Christi, 


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