Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowed-out again!

I was snowed-out again Sunday and could not make it safely to Mass. So next week it will be three weeks since I have gone to Mass. Ouch! But at least these are excused for safety reasons. 

Since Lent started last week with Ash Wednesday, I have not consumed a meat product since, and will not until Easter Sunday. This is traditional Catholic practice, along with no meat every Friday, Ember Day, and Rogation Day during the course of the year. As a Traditionalist Catholic I follow the rules that are have been unchanged since medieval times, except that Sunday has been a fast day since the Council of Trent (it originally was not). 

The second day of Lent this year was St. Valentine's Day, and have not found the Catholic girlfriend yet. Ouch! But at least Lent will be the test of time. If I could find her before Easter, that would really be something special. If that's the case I will make it retroactive to  Valentine's Day!

Please pray for me that I will find my Catholic sweetheart to become my wife, and more importantly for the Cardinals of the Church, that they elect, with the grace of the Holy Ghost, a Holy Roman Pontiff who will restore Catholicism as I wrote about in my previous post. 

God Bless, 


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