Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Pope Sean?": I don't think so

The secularized mainstream media has several news articles naming Cardinal Sean as a serious papal candidate. Below are links to some articles:

The list goes on and on. But the Boston Catholic Insider is doing a series on why Sean O'Malley should not be Pope. Unless you have been living under a rock and have not read this blog, I highly recommend reading the documentation these anonymous investigators have exposed since 2010. 

The Roman Catholic Church has had major crises for the past 45-50 years, which you should probably know by now. But it's far worse in the Archdiocese of Boston, far, far worse that there is a $140 million deficit, a setup-for-failure plan to pawn over half the remaining parishes, lay "pastoral center" employees highly overpaid who are not Catholic, schools reduced to private "prep-schools" from wealthy non-Catholic families with no intent of conversion, and most importantly and visible, LITURGICAL ABUSE

In my February 11th post, I listed 10 points that the new Pope must do in order to save the Roman Catholic Church from martyrdom. So let's review them and see if "Pope Sean" can fulfill these:

  1. Celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass PUBLICLY on a regular basis. Sean Cardinal O'Malley nor one of his auxiliary bishops have celebrated the Tridentine Mass, but Sean and Bishop Walter Edyvean have celebrated Confirmation using the Usus Antiqitor, both times because of Summorum Pontificum. Otherwise, they are dead-set AGAINST the TLM and related ceremonies. He closed Holy Trinity German Church, once home to the "indult" Mass, and is ready to have it demolished. The assets have been relegated to the basement chapel of the Cathedral, the location of the 11:00 Sunday Mass. Meanwhile, the main sanctuary at the Cathedral is only missing an active tabernacle, three steps at the high altar, and an altar rail that could be done as a short-term restoration so that the TLM can be said upstairs, pontifically or not. Also, other main location of the TLM, Mary Immaculate in Newton, is endangered for being "too small" to be a "stand-alone" parish in this stupid reconfiguration plan. There are other priests and locations, but they and the faithful they serve are treated by peasants by the Administration for being orthodox. 
  2. Ordain all clerics using the 1962 Roman Pontifical, and require diocesan bishops to do the same. If he didn't do point 1, there's no way he'll do this either. 
  3. Excommunicate ANYONE who supports abortion, gay marriage, contraception, women's ordination, and/or liturgical abuse (including clerics and laymen alike). Because he has allowed Gay Masses at St. Cecilia's and a Ted Kennedy "Celebration of Life", there is no hope for sexual ethics. But while he claims to oppose women's ordination, there are too many fake nuns around. 
  4. Universally enforce the "No meat on Fridays and during Lent, Ember, & Rogation Days" rule. Cardinal Sean has had the guts most Lents not to make a dispensation for St. Patrick's Day despite his Irish-American heritage. But I remember one year that the Red Sox Opening Day Game at Fenway Park was played on Good Friday, and he did send a reminder that it was a sin to eat meat that day. But why would a Catholic go to a ballgame on the holiest day of the year in the first place?
  5. Reprimand priests who refuse the sacraments to people who can't afford a stipend. This is generally the responsibility of the parish priest to make sure ALL souls who are in good standing have the right to receive the rites of the Church. 
  6. Revive Catholic education at all levels of instruction and scholarship. Paying a laywoman $340,000 per year (+ benefits) to work for Christ and His Church and hold responsibilities pertaining to the education of Catholic children is out of line, especially when most of the Catholic Schools have either closed or merged and not teaching the Faith. Instead, they are bail-my-child-outs of the public schools for wealthy families, regardless of religious background. At the collegiate level, Boston College, Regis College, Merrimack College, Stonehill College, and Holy Cross, Assumption College, and Anna Maria College (Worcester Diocese) have ceased to be Catholic, and the bishop has the authority to strip it's Catholic affiliation, which he has not done so. 
  7. Create support programs to assist young persons with vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and marriage. Nobody wants to be a priest for Boston, so I won't mention the seminaries. However, the Pre-Cana programs are a big joke, and even teach that the use of a condom or NFP is okay. They market marriage just as secularists do, and most importantly, Catholic marriages are almost non-existent, except in the Latin Mass communities, where most families have 5-10 kids per couple. In terms of becoming a monk or nun, there are not many orthodox orders around for postulants to visit.
  8. Seriously reach out to the Church of England and receive Canterbury home into Rome, as Benedict has seen more Anglicans who were really Catholics officially join the fold in his tenure than any other Pope, if God willing that Canterbury wishes to take spiritual refuge in Rome. Cardinal Sean has put down the Congregation of St. Athanasius in Chestnut Hill, the Archdiocesan Anglican Use community established by Cardinal Law, just like the Latin communities. I think he'll most likely take in the low-churchers than the Anglo-Catholics. Besides, All Saints Ashmont, an Anglo-Catholic Pre-Tridentine parish in the Episcopal Church, is doctrinally and liturgically orthodox and could easily be received into the Roman Catholic Church. 
  9. [R]eplace him[self in Boston] with someone orthodox. I doubt it. 
  10. Canonically establish the SSPX universally, and consecrate (or delegate the consecration of) some more bishops for the Society, and let them run independently as a religious order like the Franciscans, Benedictines, Jesuits, etc., for whom also have supplied jurisdiction which no one talks about. He won't do 1 or 2, so he won't do this one. 
With all the conclusions, it would be safe to say that Sean O'Malley is not papable. 

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