Saturday, November 10, 2012

Msgr. Deeley named auxiliary bishop

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Msgr. Robert Deeley, the vicar general for the Archdiocese of Boston, an auxiliary bishop of the same diocese. Under canon law, Bishop Deeley will remain vicar general as that position is supposed to be held by the auxiliary bishop. 

Please note that I am very disappointed in this appointment, simply because the Holy Father did not appoint a new ordinary for Boston. (The Pope is not infallible in appointing bishops.) But, that might come soon, even though some readers of the Boston Catholic Insider article has asked for "a new manager" (in baseball terms). 

But that's correct, especially when it comes to auxiliary bishops in Boston, who normally have been a farm club for other dioceses. In other words, they do have no influence while in Boston! (In the USA, only New York and Chicago have more auxiliary bishops, active and retired.)

Since Sean chronologically has seven years left on his "contract", that doesn't mean he'll last! So please click the link on the side to sign my petition, pray the Rosary, and pray for the Holy Father that he will seek the grace of the Holy Ghost to appoint a traditionalist archbishop for Boston. 

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