Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Archdiocesan Self-destruction Part VI: "World traveler priests?"

On a most recent post to the Boston Catholic Insider, a reader under the username "YOUGOTTABEKIDDING" posted in the comment box:

BCI correctly points out that this Pastoral Plan, as presented, runs afoul of Canon Law in that there is a shared Finance Council for each Collaborative. No one defines that further. While some here categorize that violation as minutiae, it is not. No provision of Canon Law is. You don’t get to pick and choose which provisions of Canon Law are sacrosanct and categorize the remaining as surplasage based on convenience.
The planned merger of parishes into Collaboratives is de facto suppression of parishes, cleverly aimed at the avoidance of appeals, but stay tuned on that issue.
Another crucial point is that the real decision making as to closure is relegated to the Collaborative Finance/Parish Council. Bishop-Elect Deeley readily admits this.
His direct quote:“Such a decision, which would come from the collaborative, would then be weighed within the consultation process that we would have in the archdiocese to make sure the needs of the people are taken care of if in fact it is necessary to close a church,” Deeley said. Note, on other occasions the archdiocese has determined the “needs” of the people based on the opportunity to receive the sacraments in a geograpshic location. To be sure, that will mean anything the archdiocese says it means.
Some may not be used to the experience of a shared pastor. Where ever the pastor resides will be THE parish. The other parishes in the Collaborative will be essentially closed, save for the Mass hours. There will only be one heart beat to each Collaborative and if you have no priest in residence it will not be you. You cannot build a parish or even maintain a parish if it is locked up, save for the Mass. Literally, the shared priest keys himself into the church, with hosts in hand (clearly visble in baggies), toting vestments, says Mass, and quickly locks everything up. While this may not appear to be a violation of Canon Law, what is this???? Is this what Catholicism has come down to – a priest with keys in hand and hosts in baggies?? [Emphasis added]

When I initially read the comment, I was in chuckles. But, this is no laughing matter. 

Are we actually going to see a priest actually give pull these out of his pocket...

...and put these in a tray for Mass, and put them in his pocket when the Novus Ordo Cookie Service is over? 

Seriously. You really think one priest will travel several square miles (his new "collaborative") just to celebrate Sunday Mass, carrying the hosts in his pocket? What about sick calls? 

In Traditional Catholicism, if a priest had to carry the Blessed Sacrament in viaticum, he would carry it in a pyx, which is usually stored in the tabernacle when not in use. The priest, would be dressed in surplice and stole (purple if he is to give Extreme Unction, white if not), and the communicant would have to recite the Confiteor before receiving Holy Communion. 

If the Blessed Sacrament in the ciborium was to be reposed into another tabernacle, the priest would carry it solemnly in a stole, cope, and humeral veil (just like Holy Thursday). This would apply if the priest had to travel to say Mass. 

These girls can tell you the true meaning of the Eucharist!

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