Monday, November 19, 2012

Archdiocesan Self-destruction Part V: "Hiring" the pastor

Probarly the most radical piece of this Disciples in Mission reconfiguration plan for the Archdiocese of Boston is that parish councils will have the responsibility to hire clergy for their "collaboratives." Many people, even non-Catholics, know that this is not Catholic character, never mind it violates Canon Law. 

Under this plan, the archbishop (presuming it's still Cardinal Sean) will forfeit his authority in assigning clergy, and delegate it to the parish council. So how is this going to work?

Well, first off, Episcopalian ministers are under a bishop, but the appointment of clergy lies in the hands of the "vestry" (the Anglican term for parish council). Mostly all other Protestant denominations do not have subjection to higher governing bodies most of the time, so congregations are often run by lay boards of trustees, which hire the minister (et al.). This is most especially the case in nondenominational or congregational churches, where at times they write their own theology. 

In Judaism, rabbis are hired the the synagogues, while the synagogues are mostly run by lay officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.). However, their style of observance (orthodox, conservative, reform, etc.) is determined locally, and whomever they hire as the rabbi and his style of Judaism will reflect the mission of the local synagogue. 

Jews and Protestants share a common ground in this respect: they hire clergy and pay them salaries. Plain and simple. Catholic priests are not allowed to get paid, period. 

So is it possible that a Catholic priest will get $100,000 per year at the expense of your collection plate? Will the parish council hire a woman priest? Will they hire an Episcopalian priest? Will they hire a Lutheran, Baptist, or Calvinist minister? Possibilities are endless with this heretical plan. 

What if they hire someone who has no theological training?

What happens if the theology of one parish changes? What if a "pastor" hired by the parish council misbehaves; doesn't the Cardinal get to intervene? 

What will worship services look like?

Well, Traditionalist Catholics have no place in this plan, in contrary to what the fake nun said. So be sure to certain that the Traditional Latin Mass parishes will be closed, and that the priests and faithful in them will be in exile by the first of the year. 

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