Saturday, October 20, 2012

Should we beg the Pope to remove Dolan?

If you have watched the video above, it shows disturbing pictures of Cardinal Dolan cracking jokes with President Obama and Mitt Romney (I'm not voting for either one of them!) at the Al Smith Dinner.

This is all contrary to around this time last year, when Dolan issued a decree banning gay marriage in his archdiocese (see my blog post on this subject here). This is the only reason why he was named a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI; if he does not issue this decree, he would have not got the red hat. 

President Obama is the first sitting president to endorse the homosexual agenda, and pay for abortions and condoms with YOU AND I's tax dollars. Gov. Romney, while running my home state of Massachusetts, cut funding for local aid and education, shipped jobs overseas (to India), and did not appeal the Goodrich Case (that ruled that banning gay marriage was "unconstitutional") to the U.S. Supreme Court. He did nothing to stop gay marriage, although now he says he's pro-life. 
This brings me to this conclusion: Cardinals O'Malley and Dolan are similar in many ways. 

First of all, none of them has never said the Traditional Latin Mass. While there are several priests in NYC who are offering the True Mass, Cardinal Dolan isn't one of them. Sean O'Malley has never said one either. 

Secondly, both have closed several parishes and schools. I don't know who or how much the NY Catholic Schools superintendent earns, but the Boston Catholic Schools superintendent makes $325,000, and SHE HAS NO CLUE WHAT CATHOLICISM IS!

Lastly, both FAILED TO UPHOLD THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH, and these two gentlemen are Princes of the Church?

Number of Traditional Latin Masses held EVERY SUNDAY:

Boston: 7
NYC: 11

Even though NYC has more, they have more people. But still, this is unacceptable.

Should we really consider a petition to remove Cardinal Dolan?

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