Friday, October 19, 2012

Jesus Christ was not a sissy!

Below, Michael Voris explains that Our Lord Jesus Christ was not a sissy:

But sadly, most Katholycs today think that the Church was founded by women when V2 opened up 50 years ago this month...

To put something in perspective, I will compare and contrast these liturgical truths and falsehoods with the Minor and Major Orders of the Roman Catholic Church and their Novus Ordo counterparts:

Before the seminarian is ordained to any minor order, he receives the Tonsure, where he becomes a cleric. 

The role of the Porter is to open and lock the church doors, ring the church bells, and secure the altar rail. In some cases he may inspect one's clothing for indecency prior to that person entering the nave. 

The role of the greeter is to have a conversation and pass out the parish bulletin/liturgical program. 

The role of the Lector is to chant the chapter at Divine Office, to act as subdeacon in absence, and to teach the catechism.

Today, in most new age temples, the lector is an old lady who reads from the Bible, for which she probably has no clue what she is reading! Also, CCD is taught by women who have no clue about the Faith!

The role of the Exorcist is to assist the priest at baptism to expel the devil. 

V2 Katholycs don't believe in demons. 

The role of the Acolyte is to carry the candles and incense at Mass. 

There is paganism at the N.O.C.S.

The role of the Subdeacon is to chant the Epistle and handle the sacred vessels.

[See section on lector]

The role of the Deacon is chant the Gospel, to preach, to distribute Holy Communion, to dismiss the congregation from Mass, to instruct to kneel and arise, and to baptize and bless marriages in the absence of a priest. 

Today deacons are old guys who don't know anything about what they are doing. 

The role of the Priest is to offer the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to preach, to guide, to bless, to baptize, to forgive sins, to bless marriages, and administer the Extreme Unction. 

The role of the presbyter is to sit in the big chair and let the old ladies run the show. 

The role of the Bishop is to confirm and ordain, and to uphold the teachings of the Church in his diocese, in addition to that of a priest. The bishop is the absolute authority in the diocese. 

Today, most bishops just act like elders who do nothing and let heretics get the Cookie. 

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