Sunday, September 2, 2012

U.S. Labor Day, St. Pius X

I hope you are all having a good Labor Day weekend. I'm not in particular because I'm not feeling well and did not go to Mass this morning, but I should be better by tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow (Sept. 3rd), it is the Feast of St. Pius X, which is a simple (III class) feast on the general calendar, but a double of the first class (I class) in churches consecrated to St. Pius X and in churches or chapels of the Society of St. Pius X. 

St. Pius X was the last saintly pope since Pius V, who codified the Tridentine Mass and wrote something called the Tridentine Creed. Pius X, however, condemned Modernism and even wrote the Oath Against Modernism, a pledge to be taken by all clergy, seminarians, and university professors, on September 1, 1910. So since the Oath and his feast day are close to each other, it is tradition in Catholic institutions of higher education that all professors renew the oath every year. (The only place I know of that still does it at the undergrad level is Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.) 

A month or so ago I posted a video on my Youtube channel reciting the Tridentine Creed and renewing the Oath Against Modernism. I have it below in honor of both Pius V and Pius X:

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