Friday, September 21, 2012

SSPX Mass in Woburn time change

For those who live on the North of Boston, I have some good news: The SSPX Mission in Woburn, Massachusetts, St. Catherine of Siena, has changed their Sunday Mass time to 10:00 am, so you can attend a True Catholic Mass at a convenient time! (SSPX USA website) 

The chapel is located in the office building at 237 Lexington St, Room 7, on Rt. 3:

Please note that the SSPX is NOT in schism, nor they are excommunicated. It is permissible to attend a Mass offered by and receive the Sacraments from an SSPX priest or bishop. 

Since I don't live in that area, I will attend a diocesan Latin Mass as I have been doing for the last few years, even though I'm 30 miles away! 

Also, I received From the Housetops from the Saint Benedict Center in Still River last night in the mail. The front page shows Worcester Bishop Robert J. McManus confirming 30 people in the Tridentine Rite at the Center, but he did not offer the TLM while he visited. 

This is what I don't understand. Bishop McManus can ban Vicki Kennedy and be named a defendant in a lawsuit for not selling real estate to a gay couple, but he bans the TLM from the City of Worcester proper and has gay and lesbian "priests", "nuns," and laypersons running the show?

Please pray that I will find my future Catholic wife soon!

Pax Domini sempter vobiscum, 


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