Saturday, August 18, 2012

Immaculate Heart of Mary

N.B.: I'm reposting this from last year because I believe it is every essential for everyone to know what a Catholic wife is supposed to do. Please pray that she (whomever she is) will come soon! -In JMJ, Chris

REPOST FROM AUGUST 2, 2011: "August is the Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

It's August already, the last month of summer, and the month that we associate with the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Virgin Mary. Three months ago, in May, we celebrated the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, and in December we'll celebrate that month to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In two months (October) we'll honor Her Most Holy Rosary.

I hope that a Marian month like this one may She assist me in obtaining the Catholic wife I have been looking for. Most of the time, I wonder how the few couples in my parish who have been married recently or will be married soon got together? Could it have been they have prayed the Rosary? Could it have been she was dressing in Imitation of our Blessed Mother? Could it have been they met in a Latin Mass parish (for which would have to be the case for me)?

But with regards to how we meet, we'll have to put her Son at the front of every marriage and household. All newborn/baptized children need to be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, boy or girl, so they will become Holy Children. We cannot expose them to non-Catholic religious beliefs or sinful TV shows and music. We cannot allow our future (and our present)to have hundreds and thousands of piercings on the flesh, defacing the Temple of the Holy Ghost, which is property of the Roman Catholic Church by virtue of baptism.

We have to send them to [orthodox] Catholic Schools, insitutions that do not accept nothing but the Truth and Magisterium. These schools must practice the Faith of our Fathers, and teach the correct position of the Church in terms of Faith and Morals. These schools must only expose their student body only to the Tridentine Mass and Sacraments, for they are the only valid sacraments of the Roman Rite. They must be able to attend (at the very least) Mass weekly, on Fridays, before meeting in the homerooms for attendance and the Pledge.

We, as (future) parents, have to prepare them domestically for Confirmation because most schools and parish religious education programs are not aligned with the Magisterium. Presently, "Catholic Schools" refer to private schools, which were formerly Catholic, but are now Novus Ordo-ized by giving out condoms, saying that abortion is OK, and for students of false religions whose parents have $$$. Some students, however, receive athletic scholarships regardless of academic ability; this happens not only at the collegiate level but at high school as well. These schools, while only opposite sex dates are allowed at "proms" (sexual dances), often promote homosexuality and diversity.

It is the responsiblity of the parish priest to insure that the confirmandi are prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The bishop is responsible for conferring the sacrament on people who are in a state of grace and know their faith in the Name of the Church. Also, the sacrament must be conferred properly, not only the bishop doing his part, but the candidate and sponsor doing theirs. If the candidate denies even part of the church teaching on anything, then there is no sacrament.

It is our responsibility that we teach our children that you either enter religious life or enter a marriage to a Catholic only. It is not acceptable for a Catholic to live as a single person, especially women. Yes, there is still such thing as an old maid.

In Conclusion, you must obey the Catholic teachings as law. The Ten Commandments are not the Ten Suggestions. The Six Precepts of the Church are not the Six Favors of the Church. Nor is the Meatless Friday rule, nor headcoverings for women in church.

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