Monday, July 2, 2012

200th Post: No luck yet; but Olympian attends N.O. HS

This post is my 200th post on Catholic Traditional Looking for Wife, and after almost two years of running this blog, I have not found my Catholic wife yet, but am still praying and looking...

However, I was watching the Olympic Trials last week, and saw 17-year old Missy Franklin qualify for several events. However, during an interview with Bob Costas, they showed clips of a pep-rally held a her Jesuit school, Jesuit Regis High School in Auroa, Colorado, where she will be entering her senior year this fall after the Olympics. The clip showed the following image, for which I took a screenshot off NBC

As you can see, the Jesuit priest, in a suit, is dancing with the other girls. (Watch entire interview on NBC Olympics here at your own risk @ 2:00 mark.) After looking on the school's website, the school has two separate campuses for boys and girls, so this video only deals with the girl's school. 

On their liturgy section, it shows a Novus Ordo Cookie service concelebrated by three presbyters. In the dress code section for "Mass", there is no mention of a head covering for girls. (Because of the blasphemy, I'm not showing that here.)

While her family spends almost $13,000 per year on tuition for this school, she is lucky she will get a full scholarship to college if she wins the Gold in London in three weeks. But, I would not spend that much money on a school that possibly teaches heresy and have nothing left for the kids for college. 

Since I'm not sure if Missy is even Catholic, I am not to demean her in any way. But if she is, I hope she begins to attend the Traditional Latin Mass while she is in London for the Olympics, for there are several of them in the two archdioceses that cover London proper. She should not have to wait until she turns 18 to turn to tradition, she should start NOW!

I look forward to watching her take the Gold several times over in a few weeks. The same for Michael Phelps, the best male Olympian ever, and for Natalie Coughlin, the best female swimmer ever (although she barely made it in a team event). 

Since this Jesuit presbyter in the picture above probably has no clue what the Council of Trent is, the Jesuit priest who did this transitional diaconate last year at our parish, said his first Solemn High Mass two weeks ago, and said the Mass yesterday at my parish church. He will be with us for the rest of the summer before he begins his first assignment in Cleveland come September.  

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