Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bishop Cordileone to cross the Bay

Some good news for those in the SF Bay Area: Pope Benedict XVI has named Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone the new Archbishop of San Francisco (news item here). He will replace George Niederauer, a supporter of the GLBT agenda, on October 4th, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. 

Bishop Cordileone is a very orthodox bishop and says the Traditional Latin Mass on a regular basis. Those in Oakland will tell you that. He has also made GLBT groups to either seek treatment for their homosexuality or disband. 

While he was in Oakland for only three years, he could not reverse the modernist cathedral construction; instead he hardly used it. I don't think that he'll like the SF cathedral either because it's full of modernist architecture, but don't be surprised that he tears it down and rebuilds with a traditional cathedral named after St. Francis. 

This kind of appointment shows that the Holy Father does not put up with the homosexual agenda. Sadly, in Boston, we have a prelate and several priests who do. We need to pray that a new, orthodox, traditionalist archbishop is appointed for Boston like Bishop Cordileone. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who runs the USCCB?

Who exactly runs the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops? Well, the answer is as simple and as sad as it gets:


Please watch this Special Report Vortex below:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Loyalty oaths needed for Catholic teachers

CCD Teachers: Please recite the Pledge of Allegiance
before class starts. Thank you.
In the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, several Catholic schoolteachers and CCD teachers have resigned from their positions after refusing to sign loyaty oaths to the Magisterium as directed by Bishop Paul Lovedre this past spring. (Article from The Washington Post)

However, I do not believe that any dioceses in New England require a loyalty oath to teach in a Catholic setting, but I believe everyone should. I learned nothing in CCD like everyone else.

Below is a link to the Tridentine Creed and the Oath Against Modernism recited by me (and also please include the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag before CCD class as well): WATCH HERE.

I don't believe my CCD teachers every recited such oath since they hardly knew anything about the One True Faith anyway.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

200th Post: No luck yet; but Olympian attends N.O. HS

This post is my 200th post on Catholic Traditional Looking for Wife, and after almost two years of running this blog, I have not found my Catholic wife yet, but am still praying and looking...

However, I was watching the Olympic Trials last week, and saw 17-year old Missy Franklin qualify for several events. However, during an interview with Bob Costas, they showed clips of a pep-rally held a her Jesuit school, Jesuit Regis High School in Auroa, Colorado, where she will be entering her senior year this fall after the Olympics. The clip showed the following image, for which I took a screenshot off NBC

As you can see, the Jesuit priest, in a suit, is dancing with the other girls. (Watch entire interview on NBC Olympics here at your own risk @ 2:00 mark.) After looking on the school's website, the school has two separate campuses for boys and girls, so this video only deals with the girl's school. 

On their liturgy section, it shows a Novus Ordo Cookie service concelebrated by three presbyters. In the dress code section for "Mass", there is no mention of a head covering for girls. (Because of the blasphemy, I'm not showing that here.)