Monday, June 4, 2012

Sinful marriage resources

Most diocesan marriage/pro-life offices often have a link to the USCCB-run For Your, a website that is supposed to show what the Catholic teaching on marriage, and the rites involved, etc. 

First of all, the USCCB is an organization that needs to be done away with. The organization is the bishops' lobbying club, and they meet to run what is called (unofficially) "The American Catholic Church." In matter of fact, this is a form of collegiality, one of the V2 errors that Archbishop Lefebvre preached against vigorously. After the Pope, the Bishop of the Diocese is in charge, not a national pow-wow. 

With that regards, the site lists NFP as "acceptable," that divorced persons "are not excommunicated", and that you can limit the size or your family. Also, most importantly, there is no reference to the Traditional Latin Nuptial Mass or the fact that the Marriage service takes place before the Mass. There is no mention of Betrothal either. 

It's safe to say that this site is not Catholic, and if you are an engaged Catholic couple, you should avoid this website all together. 

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