Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ordination (or graduation) season

Easter and Ascensiontide are generally popular times for ordinations, especially for priestly ordinations. I know two men who are going to be ordained priests this June. 

The first one is someone for whom I'm friends with the family, and from my ex-parish church. He has assisted at Traditional Latin Masses and will say the Traditional Latin Mass once ordained. But we have some problems here. He is being ordained for a modernist diocese-Worcester. And he plans to say his first Cookie Service at my ex-parish, the parish that eventually screwed up my life. And because I don't know if he is being conditionally ordained in the Extraordinary Form, and this first "Mass" is not a Mass, I'll be absent from both events. 

Now, the deacon who has been serving at my current parish church for the past year will be ordained in Minnesota, and will come back to say his first Solemn High Mass on June 24, the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. I will be at this Mass, because it will be a real Mass! 

Now ordinand #1 is being ordained on what is Ember Saturday in the Roman Catholic Church, but the day means nothing in the Novus Ordo Church. So why would my friend, who plans to say the TLM as ordered by the Pope, choose to be a priest of the modernist Diocese of Worcester, where Bishop McManus has banned the Latin Mass at all diocesan parishes (with the exception of one that is in the boondox)? 

Sancta Missa has an article and an English translation of how a priest is ordained traditionally.

Also, here is a video with highlights of Cardinal Burke ordaining priests (the way it's supposed to be done):

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