Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Latin Mass offered at Holy Cross in Worcester

Shawn Tribe of the NLM is reporting that Fr. David Phillipson said a Traditional Latin Mass at the College of the Holy Cross' St. Joseph's Chapel in Worcester on Tuesday, May 1st, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker (a titular feast). (Post with photo here)

Since I still live in Worcester, I could have went if I knew about it, depending what time it was held. I went to the last one held there in 2010. 

I really hope that they offer the TLM on a weekly basis to give people in the Worcester Diocese another accessible option. 

If you look on the college's website, their is no trace of the TLM on the news section. Instead, there are heretical links to thinks like Zen Christianity and GLBT groups. Please note that this is a Jesuit institution after all, so the chances of any of the Jesuit priests on campus saying the Mass are very slim. 

At least they did not get caught inviting an anti-Catholic commencement speaker this year. 

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