Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How a young women becomes a nun

Msgr. Charles Pope has a video on his Youtube channel: the investiture scenes from the movie The Nun's Story, starring Audrey Hepburn. I would like to post it to show the world what will happen when a young woman turns from a postulant to a novice:

As you can see, the postulants are in wedding dresses for their wedding to Our Lord Jesus Christ. They will receive "wedding rings" that will symbolize this (not shown). 

The bishop will receive the first vows, and then after the Veni Creator Spiritus, the women will receive their habits, which are blessed by the bishop during the invocation of the Holy Ghost. The habits are then dressed by the other sisters, in this video in the sacristy, but may be in the open if there are fewer candidates. 

The hair is cut off and the habit placed. 

The new nuns return the the sanctuary, where the bishop will rename them after the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

This is where a postulant becomes a novice. It will be another seven or eight years of study before final vows. 

This is a traditional ceremony. To see a fake, V2 ceremony with fake nuns, click here to watch at your own risk!

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