Monday, April 2, 2012

Young people go to the Latin Mass

In this Vortex, Michael Voris reports what he witnesses at Traditional Latin Masses that he attends when he is invited to speak at parishes: young people. 

I witness the same thing at my parish. There are large families, at least 12 altar boys serving any particular Sunday, a schola that sings Gregorian Chant, and confessions lines are out the door. 

In my ex-parish, however, you had to be a girl to be an altar server. (No kidding) Also, women were told to "take their hats off." How un-Biblical! 

The average person at my ex-parish was 70. The person at my current parish is typlically in their thirties or forties, but there are some older people as well. But most women follow the Marylike Dress Code at my parish, while at my ex they generally have lesbian haircuts. 

If you wish to date me, you will be going to the Traditional Latin Mass EVERY WEEK with me, not just when you feel like it. 

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