Monday, April 23, 2012

Catholic girl in the works?

For the past two Sundays after Mass a young woman and I have been saying "hi" to each other  in the vestibule. The first week she was with a friend, and when I said "hi", she responded with a "hi", wave, and smile. This past Sunday, she actually arrived one minute before the bell rang and sat next to me. She was all by herself. 

I don't even know her name since we have only said "hi" to each other after Mass, and that's understandable since we are not supposed to talk in church. But at least she was modestly dressed both times with a hand Missal, and had a light-colored head covering both times, so this generally means that she would be a single, never married virgin. She had no rings on her fingers. 

But if we notice each other in the coming weeks, with a Rogation procession and First Communion/May procession on-tap, then there is the time to exchanges emails and numbers. But, she doesn't pay much attention, nor I don't see her, then you automatically know that this will not materialize. 

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