Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gay Masses common in Metropolitan sees

Michael Voris has discovered that Gay Masses are common in large, metropolitan archdioceses:

As you saw in the video, Michael is standing in front of St. Joseph's Church in New Town, NSW, in the Archdiocese of Sydney, home of the world's oldest gay ministry (1972) that anyone knows about. According to the website, "St Joseph’s aims to provide a safe place for all people to pray regardless of age, race, creed, gender, cultural background or sexual orientation." 

STOP! We all know this is heresy. The same blasphemy is happening at St. Cecilia's in Boston's Back Bay, for their Gay Mass got national attention last year when someone spilled the beans and the Cardinal totally supports it. 

If you look on St. Cecilia's website (please view at your own risk), it's all about social justice and their world-renowned "Rainbow Ministry." 

Please pray that new leadership comes soon, and for the salvation of souls. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catholic Education is better down under

Are you a Catholic parent who sent your kid to a "Catholic" school and found out it was nothing but? Well, that is commonplace, and Michael Voris founded an orthodox Catholic school in out of all places, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales:

The St. Mary MacKillop Colleges (K-12) in Wagga Wagga were founded just a few years ago by parents who were fed-up with the heresy taught in schools that were affiliated with modernist organizations down under. 

The school is completely orthodox, with Our Lady of the Rosary School for Girls and Christ the King School for Boys. Students and parents must sign a pledge to attend Mass at least on Sundays and holydays, or they will be expelled. 

Most of the teachers are Dominican Sisters, but there are lay teachers as well. All lay teachers must be practicing Catholics and sign the same pledge as parents and students, or they will be fired. All faculty members take the Oath Against Modernism

Now, I wish we had a school like this one in the Archdiocese of Boston. It doesn't look like we'll get one anytime soon with the current administration in place, so please pray that a traditionalist archbishop is appointed for Boston. Also, if you have any suggestions in or interest in founding an independent Catholic school in the Boston area, please email me some suggestions. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Catholic girl in the works?

For the past two Sundays after Mass a young woman and I have been saying "hi" to each other  in the vestibule. The first week she was with a friend, and when I said "hi", she responded with a "hi", wave, and smile. This past Sunday, she actually arrived one minute before the bell rang and sat next to me. She was all by herself. 

I don't even know her name since we have only said "hi" to each other after Mass, and that's understandable since we are not supposed to talk in church. But at least she was modestly dressed both times with a hand Missal, and had a light-colored head covering both times, so this generally means that she would be a single, never married virgin. She had no rings on her fingers. 

But if we notice each other in the coming weeks, with a Rogation procession and First Communion/May procession on-tap, then there is the time to exchanges emails and numbers. But, she doesn't pay much attention, nor I don't see her, then you automatically know that this will not materialize. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 100th Fenway Park!

Today, the 100th anniversary game at Fenway Park will be played at 3:00 PM with the Red Sox playing the archrival Yankees. Below, I would like to post a brief history of the world's oldest sports stadium in use:

It should not be any surprise that I'm a Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics fan, although this is not an impediment to matrimony!

Please pray that the Sox win the World Series this year. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bishop Fellay, SSPX signs Vatican preamble

Liturgical Abuse: One of the reasons why
Archbishop Lefebrve founded the SSPX in 1970.
His Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, has signed the preamble with the Vatican that would re-canonically establish the Society as a canonically regular religious order. (Read Catholic Herald UK article here).

The document does not say that the SSPX has to necessarily accept Vatican II and offer the Novus Ordo, but calls for clarification on what the council was supposed to do, and what it actually teaches, and if necessary, the need to call another council with the grace of the Holy Ghost.

More importantly, the SSPX will be established with a personal prelature, with an ordinary who has no geographical jurisdiction, just like Opus Dei is setup. (I will not be surprised that Bishop Fellay is appointed as the ordinary.)

What remains to be seen is that will SSPX priests minister with priests of other religious orders (e.g. the Jesuits, Franciscans, FSSP, ICRSP) or diocesan priests in diocesan parishes?

Or will diocesan bishops confirm or ordain SSPX members?

While the answer may be interesting, we'll just have to see how this plays out.

Up here in Massachusetts, there is no established SSPX chapel, and most people who attend the Traditional Latin Mass go to diocesan parishes (like myself). But I am not sure the liberals will like this, and by the way, there are no FSSP or ICRSP apostolates up here either, thanks to the bad episcopacies in Boston and Worcester.

Also while you're at it, please pray for the canonization of Archbishop Marcel Lefebrve:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Young people go to the Latin Mass

In this Vortex, Michael Voris reports what he witnesses at Traditional Latin Masses that he attends when he is invited to speak at parishes: young people. 

I witness the same thing at my parish. There are large families, at least 12 altar boys serving any particular Sunday, a schola that sings Gregorian Chant, and confessions lines are out the door. 

In my ex-parish, however, you had to be a girl to be an altar server. (No kidding) Also, women were told to "take their hats off." How un-Biblical! 

The average person at my ex-parish was 70. The person at my current parish is typlically in their thirties or forties, but there are some older people as well. But most women follow the Marylike Dress Code at my parish, while at my ex they generally have lesbian haircuts. 

If you wish to date me, you will be going to the Traditional Latin Mass EVERY WEEK with me, not just when you feel like it.