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No more Girl Scout cookies


Recently, the Archdiocese of Boston had a Novus Ordo Mass commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the United States, which included feminist ideas such as scouts as altar girls, lectors, and eucharistic ministers. As you can see in the photo album, non of the girls are wearing headcoverings in church, not even the beret that used to be a requirement of the Girl Scout uniform. Cardinal Sean was celebrant. 

All this despite the fact that the Girl Scouts are anti-Catholic because they support Planned Parenthood, which caused a Girl Scout from California to post a now-removed Youtube video not to buy the cookies (because another troop allowed a transgender kid) and a Catholic parish in Virginia evicted the Girl Scouts from meeting in the parish school. 

An Alternative to Girl Scouts

Would you have your daughter
as one of these American Heritage Girls?
I would if I had a daughter.
As you can guess from the above introduction, the Girl Scouts are not what a Catholic (or even a Christian) girl needs, since they teach young women about sex education, something that is only obtainable from the parents of the child. And because they are not your grandmother's Girl Scouts, I would strongly remove your daughters from Girl Scouts altogether and enroll them in something more compatible toward the Christian soul. 

The most popular alternative scouting-styled organization for girls ages 5-17 is the American Heritage Girls, "a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country" (website). 

The AHG was founded in 1995 by former Girl Scout parents in the Cincinnati area who thought that the GSA was more like standing for "Gay-Straight Alliance." In another words, the organization became too liberal back then, and they happen to be worse off now, and nobody new about it until Obamacare was passed. 

So, the AHG is Christianized, whereas, you must believe in the Holy Trinity to join the organization or volunteer as an adult leader. They have merit badges, a uniform, and teach flag etiquette and patriotism just like a nurse in the armed forces would. 

The organization accepts girls of any Christian demomination, and even has the endorsement of recently-retired Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford, Illinois.  

Partners with the Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts are called to treat women with respect. 
On June 12, 2009, the AHG signed an agreement with the Boy Scouts of America that would allow the AHG to use BSA camping facilities, activities, and the religious emblems. Such an agreement is no surprise since the BSA has always taught its members to respect women by using chivalry (I'm not kidding!). That's why back in the day when the YMCA did not allow Catholics to use their gyms, the Scouts were an alternative for Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist boys; and Saint George, the patron of England (where Baden-Powell founded Scouting), chivalry, and military crusades, was named the patron of Scouting by Pope Benedict XV. 

Besides, the BSA has been more forgiving to women over the years, especially with the Den Mothers in Cub Scouts (my mother was one) to the Venturing program (coed high adventure program ages 14-20), and even to women serving as nurses and non-registered staff members at Summer Camp. I know from experience. They even allow mothers to come visit their sons in camp during the course of their stay.

Girl Scouts are wimp-os

I don't mean it in a derogatory manner, but my sister was a Girl Scout for many years, and they did nothing like what I did was a Boy Scout. Boy Scouts can swim, ride canoes, shoot rifles, bows and arrows, climb rocks, camp in sub-zero weather every month, play games, and taking things seriously while trying to make a joke of it.  

Girl Scouts, on the other hand, are not allowed to camp out in below 60 degree temperatures, touch a gun, bow, or arrow, and swim in only a Jacuzzi. To make things more disturbing, my sister's troop did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance or the Girl Scout Oath (which has been demoted to a "Promise") or Law before their meetings on a regular basis. HOWEVER, since 1970, the Girl Scouts adopted the hand-over-heart salute, which is the only thing I like about them now. 

Otherwise, if I ever marry and have daughters, I don't see Girl Scouts as a viable option. 

Catholic Scouting programs are Novus Ordo-ized

While the Boy Scouts of America are a great organization overall, the Catholic religious awards and the Catholic chaplaincies are Novus Ordo-ized (i.e. they are children of Vatican II). If you look on the Boston Catholic Scouting website, which has links to the national Catholic Boy and Girl scouting committees, you'll see that it is all V2. This was the case when I was a scout at camp, where I had to attend the Novus Ordo or the non-denominational service on Sunday (see my post from June 1, 2011 to learn more about this). 

I am sad to say,  despite Summorum Pontifcum, nothing has changed. 

I know that there are SSPX chapels and FSSP chapels that charter Boy Scout troops, so that doesn't mean that the priest can help get a Traditional Latin Mass at scout camp, doesn't it?

Conclusion: Found a Catholic Scouting organization

While we respect the difference of opinion with the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, I would conclude that if Traditional Catholics cannot be reverent as conventional scouts, then  every effort should be made to establish a Catholic Scouting organization for Traditional Catholic scouts, both male and female. 

And by the way, reason #2343 to have Pope Benedict appoint a traditionalist archbishop for Boston. Where Girl Scout cookies used as Novus Ordo cookies? If so, the "Mass" was definitely invalid. 

Also, here is a video from KIII-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas (of all places!) about the AHG:

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