Friday, March 30, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Kennedy invite revoked (updated)

Anna Maria College, a supposedly "Catholic" college in Paxton, Massachusetts, has revoked the invitation of Mrs. Ted Kennedy as commencement speaker at this year's graduation after Bishop McManus complained about it. (Read news article here)

The commencement ceremony, which will be held at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, is the same place that Mrs. Kennedy spoke for a parish food pantry. (See my July 8, 2011 post for more info)

While the Bishop disapproves of her speaking at a college graduation, why didn't he complain about her speaking at the SJ's Food for the Poor fundraiser?

With these inconsistencies, both SJ's and Anna Maria College do not conform to the Magisterium of the Church. Both refuse to offer the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments first and foremost, but Anna Maria is worse. Anna Maria has built an inter-demoniational chapel on campus, and promotes ecumenism. The same goes for Holy Cross and Assumption, where they don't require Mass attendence either.

Just added: Fox 25 newsclip:

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