Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Novus Ordo funerals

During the month of January, two cousins of mine passed away at relatively young ages. The first one, a first cousin, had MS, and told his siblings he wished to be cremated. The second one, a third cousin, who was buried last week with military honors, had a long battle with cancer.  

Both services were Novus Ordo "Celebrations of Life" and not the traditional Requiem Mass that my great-grandparents got way back then. Sadly, my parents forced me to go to the funerals instead of just the wakes. When I was at both, they were all not aligned with the Catholic teachings on death and dying. 

Funeral A had almost no one in a beautiful historic renaissance church under repair, but did not have a high altar. Funeral B was held in a suburban parish church which was a modernist hall.  Both priests employed white vestments, a Eucharistic minister, and female servers. The singer at Funeral B even announced that "Today, we celebrate the life of...", which I knew at first this was not a Catholic service. There wasn't even a crucifix in the sanctuary at Funeral B!

Since you could guess the rest of the stories, which are commonplace, I'm not going to repeat myself. But, I did not receive the Novus Ordo Cookie because it's a sin to do so, however, my parents were pist and thought it was disrespectful since I was Catholic. 

Well, the service wasn't Catholic. When a Catholic dies, he traditionally gets a Requiem Mass, where the priest prays for the repose of his soul (i.e. he is delivered from the pains of Purgatory). There are black vestments, no eulogies, and a sad atmosphere.

The proper way to salute the flag.
Funeral B ended in church with the Star-Spangled Banner, and at the grave site with Taps and the folding of the flag, which was given to the widow. While the soldiers did a great job at what they did, I have to say that I was the only one (that I saw) who placed my right hand over my heart for the anthem and Taps. Assuming most of the people were U.S. citizens, this was very disrespectful how to treat a deceased veteran. 

To end, I hope I don't have to go to Novus Ordo anything anymore, which most likely would apply to funerals. I haven't gone to a V2 service since I became a Traditionalist. I will get a Requiem Mass when I die. My future wife will get the same. 

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