Friday, January 27, 2012

Keep the prayer in public schools

Screenshot of a video of the prayer banner at
Cranston West High School, Cranston, Rhode Island
A few weeks ago, the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island ruled that a prayer banner that has been displayed for nearly five decades in the Cranston West High School auditorium be removed because the it a "violation of the separation of church and state." Now, 16-year-old Jessica Ahlquist, the atheist girl who won the lawsuit filed by the ACLU on her behalf, has been receiving a police escourt to school after receiving death threats from several people, including her state representative. (Link to NYT on MSNBC article here)

After reading the recent article on the link, there seems to be more to this. The article states that ...
Jessica, who was baptized in the Catholic Church [emphasis added] but said she stopped believing in God at age 10, the prayer was an affront. “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, You don’t belong here,'" she said the other night during an interview at a Starbucks here.
This line is very disturbing, since she was baptized into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Or was she?
First of all, if a ten-year-old at the time stops praying and believing in GOD, then Houston, we have a problem. Could she have possibly received First Communion?
Common sense should tell you that Jessica was not baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, but the Novus Ordo Church. If she received First Communion at all, it was the Novus Ordo Cookie.
Part of the reason why the Supreme Court has ruled school prayer "unconsitutional" several times because it "violates the separation of church and state." Well, there is no clause in the Consitution that says there be such separation. Besides, America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We still have the Pledge of Allegiance, which still says "under GOD", while atheists tie up Federal Courts trying to get rid of the pledge while they could be hearing more serious cases. Our National motto is "In GOD we trust", something printed and minted on our money that will never go away.
While this particular prayer on the banner seems to be nondenominational in a public school setting, the very same thing have been happening since this banner has originally hung in the Roman Catholic Church: a crisis. Bishops and priests have deprived millions of souls of the Holy Mass and Sacraments, and a true Catholic priesthood. They have been cheated on the very basic tenets of Catholicism, even when the Holy Father said not to delete them. People have left the Church for practical atheism, and this particular case shows.
Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, for whom covers all Rhode Island, has done nothing to back the school committee, who voted 4-3 the other day to appeal the case to the Circuit Court of Appeals. Since Jessica was supposedly baptized and obviously not confirmed, she ecclsiastically is still a minor until age 18, and therefore, her parents and godparents are at fault for not raising her Catholic all the way through. The Bishop is at fault now because he lost one of his sheep approximately six years ago for faulty faith formation.
To make matters worse, this particular case is not alone. While most cases don't end up in court, children raised in the Novus Ordo Church are more likely to fall victim to modernism and atheism than Protestants, Jews, and Muslims combined. (While I don't have numbers on me at hand, they are very privious.) I wonder why only 10% show up for Sunday Mass!
In result, Bishop Tobin is just another bad bishop for letting something like this happen in his diocese. Sadly, he is not alone either.
If Marcel Lefebvre, Fulton Sheen, William O'Connell, or Fabian Bruskewitz were Jessica's ordinary, this wouldn't have happened. This will not happen to my kids either.
But still, there is hope that she can covert to Catholicism, Tridentine Roman Catholicism, someday. It happens to many people every day that I'm not aware of. Instead of giving her a death threat, I will pray a Hail Mary tonight that she God back into her heart and starts to salute the American flag once again.
Speaking of Flag Ettiquite, I will address this topic in my next post.

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