Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Faithful Catholics are at risk

Fr. William Kelly celebrating Mass (ca. 1925)
Michael Voris puts a business sense into why most parishes will be closed within the next few years: Click here to watch the video.

Please pray that these gay priests and lesbian nuns are evicted from the rectories and convents.

Please pray that the Latin Mass is restored in every parish throughout the world.

Please pray that Catholic schools become Catholic once again.

Please pray that these DRE's are layed off from their positions.

Please pray to end liturgical abuse.

Please pray to kick out the altar girls, lay lectors, and eucharistic ministers.

Please pray for the availiability of Tridentine Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination, Marriage, Extreme Unction, and the Requiem Mass.

Please pray for the term "Christmas Tree" this Christmas.

O Mary, Queen of the Clergy, contain us a number of holy priests. Amen. 

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