Sunday, December 4, 2011

Only men can serve on the altar

Violation of the rubrics: an altar girl in front of a
CCD teacher at a First Novus Ordo Cookie celebration.
Fr. Z is reporting on an incident in Arlington, Virginia where a parish priest decided to only allow male altar servers, in aligned with Church teaching. (Read his post here.)

Please note that only men can serve on the altar, as this has been Church teaching for nearly 2,000 years. My parish has only male altar servers because it's a Latin Mass parish.

My ex-parish, on the otherhand, had only female servers by the time I left.

Please note that altar serving is not a woman's job, rather a man or boy's job. Women cannot actually go past the altar rail unless:

1) She is marrying her sweetheart
2) She is professing to be a nun
3) She is receving Confirmation, where she and her sponsor will be instructed to go to the bishop, where he is usually seated on the faldstool on the altar platform. 

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