Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Boston reconfiguration plan not going to work

Over the summer, the Archdiocese of Boston reportedly came up of an idea to consolidate the parishes by putting certain parishes into clusters. Well, today, The Boston Globe has wrote an article on this recent proposal, which would "create 125 pastoral service teams, that, once created, would be free to merge programs among churches and make recommendations to the cardinal about closing and selling churches, rectories, or other buildings." (You may read the article here.)

All this means is that Cardinal Sean is going reduce the number of parishes from 290 to 125, a 43% decrease. So that means eventually, almost half of the remaining parishes will be closed within 3-5 years.

Now how is the Catholic Church in Boston going to grow by making Catholic megachurches? It's not, and people are not stupid. I understand that only 16% of Catholics in the archdiocese attend Sunday Mass on a regular basis and 40% percent of the parishes are in debt, but why shut down all the parishes in debt and them some?

Remember the Catholics Come Home series last spring? It didn't work; I knew that, and the lady next to me in church knew that. Maybe a few people came back, but it was nothing significant. And the reason why they didn't come back because because the ads were Novus Ordo-ized! Now if the Novus Ordo is invalid, then why are somebody in their right mind go to it?

There are 5 things that the Archdiocese of Boston needs in order for its survival (in reverse order):

5. Quit paying lay employees six-figure salaries!

4. Get out of the social justice business!

3. Reform the Catholic School system, and allow only Catholic children to attend Catholic schools.

2. Ordain all new clergy using the 1962 Roman Missal, and have the Traditional Latin Mass in every parish!


1. Faithful Catholics should sign the online petition to the Vatican to have Cardinal Sean and some of his auxiliary bishops to be removed from office. The new archbishop should be a Traditionalist who will only use the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in his liturgical duties. We need a leader, not a lame duck. We need change. Sign the petition here right now! You don't have to be Catholic or live in the archdiocese to sign it, just sign! 

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