Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MSNBC: Marriage rates at all time low

MSNBC has posted a news article that in the United States, the rate of marriages are at an all-time low at around 51%. (Read article here)

It also shows that the average bride is 26 and the average groom is 29.

Please note that this study includes all marriages, Catholic or not. With these average wedding day ages astonishingly high, it is against Catholic teaching to delay marriage. This is a form of contraception. I wonder why the children per couple rate is only 2 per household!

In medieval times, most Catholic marriages were arranged. The male party only had to be 16 and the female only had to be 14. This is still Canon Law, but civil law takes precedent in the USA today, so in most states both parties must be 18 to contract a marriage. (18 equals the age of majority, or adulthood.)

However, the 16/14 requirement is still Canon Law to be godparents, but the state doesn't care about godparents, and in some respects, in God in general.

While 18 may be too young in a maturity state, getting married past 21 for brides and 23 for girls is not kosher in Catholicism. For example, if you delay marriage to your high school or college sweetheart until 28/26, and you know you two will not divorce or separate, and wish to stay married, this is contraception on the basis of prohibiting God to do his work by providing children.

Secondly, it's not safe to give birth to your first child over the age of 28. My mother gave birth to me at age 36 and my sister at 38, and now she is disabled.

Lastly, the more kids, the older sibilings can take care and babysit the younger sibilings (including changing diapers!). How about possibly being grandparents in your 50's?

I'm 21 and I'm bitching and moaning why I am not married. Out of the two that I wanted to marry, the first one refused to be Catholic (later coming out as a lesbian) and the other one had someone, so that leaves me with knowone.

Time is running out. Seriously.

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